{Tuesday Tips} 5 Entrepreneur 'DON'T Go There's'

Thanks to TIME and there small business tips, we can stay focused and remember our path!  

Here are some 'Don't Go There Tips' to follow:
by Lauren Simonds on business.time.com

 "You may have a great business idea and the plans to bring it to fruition, but you should still be on the lookout for these common mistakes that can suck the start out of a startup."

Your Tips:
Don't Get Distracted
Don't Scare off Investors
Don't Forget the Humans
Don't Forget the Cloud
Don't Rest on Your Laurels

Read more: http://business.time.com/2013/06/10/dont-go-there-tips-for-entrepreneurs/#ixzz2cVcBWVOR

{#TBT} One of Our First Celeb M.O.M Interviews with M.O.M Denise Richards

#ThrowBackThursday Celeb Features

What can we say, except Denise Richards is sharing her secrets to being a Master Multitasker with our M.O.M community and we couldn’t be more excited to inspire you with her M.O.M feature.

Denise is truly one of today’s Mom Icons. Not only is she a well known actress and model but she is recognized as “devoted mom to Sami and Lola.”

Denise is a true M.O.M inspiration, a successful woman and raising her girls as a single mom. Just in the last year alone we’ve seen her passion and dedication for animals and their welfare, her ‘dancing with the stars’, her blogging with ModernMom.com, writing a book and filming a few new roles! Wow, can we say M.O.M!!