m.o.mFIT: Find Your Time!

It’s Workout Wednesday!

2019 has been a #NewYearNewMe attitude over here. I have been working on time for myself and taking time to take care of myself. Since October I’ve made my mornings about getting in 20-45mins of exercise and I haven’t missed a day. It’s my time, it’s for me.

It’s been a long time since I took care of me, so I promise you, if I can find time so can you!

#WordsOfWisdom > Words From Giuliana Rancic That M.O.M Katie will Never Forget

November 2009...  words from Giuliana Rancic that made me (m.o.m Katie) realize that having passion and drive (& social media) are keys to success!

words I will never forget:

and so this happened.....

@ 1.39 for Kt Steppers

Taste It Thursdays ~ The Ultimate M.O.M Stew

Not only is this a great comfort, fall/winter must-have dish, it is a M.O.Ms saving grace to use a crock pot!  I love my Cuisinart Crockpot.  The idea of prep, set, and leave is all too familiar in this M.O.Ms house.

Not only is this a delicious meal for the whole family, it actually is good for you.

Enjoy our infamous Chicken Stew