{video} Family Fun Feature ~ M.O.M Laura Fuentes and The Active Family Project

Research tells us that family play time and eating as a family unit are some the best ways to deepen bonds between parents and children and to foster healthy lifestyles.  In today’s busy world, carving out time for sit down meals and playtime can seem like an unattainable luxury. 

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You may know busy mom, author and entrepreneur Laura Fuentes  as a popular food and parenting contributor to numerous outlets, including her own blog Superglue Mom,  and as the Founder/CEO of MOMables® - the first meal-planning service for healthy and fresh school lunches that children love.   Like many multitasking moms, Laura has a lot on her plate but that hasn’t deterred her from making sure her family makes time for healthy meals together as well as active playtime. 

Taste It Thursday with Melissa d'Arabian ~ M.O.Ms Make Your Favorite 'Takeout' At Home

#TBT - it was a long winter of ordering take out!
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Melissa d'Arabian of Food Network's Ten Dollar Dinners shows us M.O.Ms who cook how to make 'Fakeout Takeout'

What is your best advice for M.O.Ms who want to plan a healthy family meal?

For me, I eat healthy when I have healthy food around me that inspires. When I'm tired and cranky after a long day (and what day is short?!), I eat whatever is in the cupboard, even if it's junk food, so nutritious meals really come from healthy stocking. Manage your pantry, fridge and freezer well. All of us find ourselves staring into the cupboard, searching for inspiration for dinner on a crazy-busy Tuesday night. I keep whole grain pasta (the kind with flaxseed and protein) in my cupboard at all times. Quinoa, light tuna in oil, good quality canned tomatoes, white beans, and brown rice are also staples I turn to. Garlic, onion and a cheap but decent bottle of white wine are always in the pantry ready to add flavor anytime. On the fridge side of things: my freezer is always stocked with boneless skinless chicken breasts because I can slice them into thin cutlets while partially frozen and they are ready to cook in no time. To find inspiration on the produce front, join a CSA group or organization. Having a regularly scheduled delivery of fresh produce inspires healthy creativity. Finally, when I am looking to pull a meal together, the first place I look is the produce drawer for anything that is on its last day or two of freshness. Because remember: the most expensive ingredient in your house is the one you throw away.

{m.o.mTips}... Jump in the 'Tank' with Lori Greiner

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Lori Greiner (www.LoriGreiner.com) is a well-respected inventor, entrepreneur and organizational expert. Regarded as the most prolific inventor of products for women of her time, Lori started with one idea and turned it into a $500 million dollar brand.  A familiar face on QVC for the past 14 years, she has launched over 350 products and holds 110 US and international patents. Known as the go-to girl for clever solutions to everyday problems, Lori’s practical inventions have transformed overcrowded kitchen cupboards, organized cramped wardrobes, and untangled jewelry boxes for millions of people across America.  You can now check out Lori on ABC’s hit television show, Shark Tank, in which Lori demonstrates her keen entrepreneurial sensibility and achieves results no other shark has achieved before!

{celebM.O.M} Let’s Chew on Daphne Oz's M.O.M Advice

M.O.Ms-to Mention - 

Daphne Oz is co-host of ABC’S THE CHEW, a 2008 graduate of Princeton University and author of the national bestseller, THE DORM ROOM DIET. Daphne’s work has centered around finding practical, delicious, and easy solutions to achieve life-long health. Her hope is to enfranchise eaters everywhere by raising awareness about health access and food politics in America through television, print and web platforms.

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{m.o.mTIPS} Budding Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Meet MJ Pedone
MJ is the President & CEO of IndraPublic Relations, a full service PR & Marketing firm that specializes in entertainment, sports and nonprofit PR. MJ originally started her business as Pro Players Sports Marketing Group, Inc. and then after the birth of her son in 2009, she decided to rebrand the business to Indra Public Relations. MJ brings over twenty years of PR and marketing experience to her long list of high-profile clientele which include professional athletes, musicians and industry-leading doctors and lawyers to name a few.