If You 'Tweet' It ....They Will Follow!

Twitter is a Powerful Tool!!

I'm a true believer in the 'POWER of TWITTER'.  If social media outlets like twitter were not available to us small businesses and mom-owned companies, I think we would still be struggling for more exposure and the correct connections.  I owe a lot of my growth this year to them and to the people and companies I've met through social media networking.

Here are some successes of the 'Power of Twitter'

Deidrea Haysel, Hot Mama Gowns (www.hotmamagowns.com)

Tweet from @Bethenny:
"The day of the tweet my website traffic increased 50 TIMES what it normally is, the day after the tweet 40 TIMES what it normally is and the 3rd day after the tweet 25 TIMES more...the whole week was elevated, but the first 3 days were the rockstar days.  I also gained about 55 new Twitter followers and about 25 new Facebook Fans THAT DAY, so talk about a Domino effect!!  I also had a serge in sales THAT DAY and the rest of the week stating "Bethenny's Tweet" as where they heard about us ;)"


Amanda Duke, Cutie Pa Tutus  (www.CutiePaTutus.com)  Custom Pompom Tutus and Super Hero Capes!

Tweet from @denise_richards:

"Denise Richards (@denise_richards) tweeted us about how much her girls loved their Pa Tutus, and as a result I picked up wholesalers in Japan and South Africa, in addition to about 3 wholesalers here in the US. Got a few retail orders from it, too!"

Katie O'Neill, Kt Steppers (www.ktsteppers.com)

Tweet from @giulianarancic:

" With a simple tweet I sent in response to @giulianarancic for ideas on gifts for her E! News segment, of course I suggested our steppers.  From that tweet,over the holidays, Kt Steppers made their National TV Debut on E! News with Giuliana Rancic’s Holiday Gift Guide (Kt Steppers on E!News) and we couldn’t have been more honored.  Orders toppled in for the holidays and continued thereafter.  To this day, most of my traffic is still driven from her website and this all is a result of a simple tweet."

If you have a business, you should definitely be on Twitter! Not only is it a great tool for promoting your product and company, but it is a great way to network with fellow 'preneurs' and learn from each other.  I was pleasantly surprised how open and supportive everyone on twitter actually is.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, we are striving for the same goal and genuinely are happy to follow and learn from the successes of each other.  It actually inspires us to continue to follow and promote one another.

So, keep tweeting and send us your 'Power of Twitter' stories and successes and we will share how 'if you tweet it... they will follow'.

email: m.o.mblog@ktsteppers.com


  1. Great advice! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Thank YOU Katie for putting together such a wonderful gifting that got Hot Mama Gowns in the hands and on the body of Bethenny!! Thanks!!