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As a M.O.M, we are always looking for resources and guides to help make the most of our 'downtime'.  If you haven't checked out or do not receive your weekly newsletter yet from Pint Size Social, you are missing out.

With another M.O.M (Meredith Levy) behind the pages here, it's safe to say they truly deliver your one-stop resource guide for 'where family is always in style'.  From the trendiest clothes and products to the best 'eats' & 'what to do' in town (usually in NY, London, & LA).

PINT SIZE SOCIAL, a free online magazine and website, delivers a weekly newsletter to subscribers’ inboxes every Wednesday; offering exclusive access to the hottest product & style must-haves, places to go, reliable resources, and more for the whole family. From editorial spreads to elite extras, newsletters will be categorized in the following sections:
  • PLAY – The latest in books, blocks, toys and educational material
  • EAT – The very best in feeding your family
  • DRESS – Up to the minute dish on the latest threads
  • GET – Beauty, gadgets, technology, jewels and more
  • DO – Where to go, what to see, when to do it
  • SIZED UP – Exciting celebrity interviews
  • PS PERKS – Pint Size Perks; Indulgent freebies and exclusive discounts
  • SHOW & TELL, something new every day and
  • LOST & FOUND, your questions answered.                                                                
They are always interested in knowing about the must-have for anything family related.  They have a great audience and is a great resource for us M.O.Ms at home and in business. We were featured in their Show & Tell section:  

Another new feature they offer is their POP UP Shop! The Editors get the opportunity to see some products before the general public does. Some just stand out more than others and are often hard to get, so they will offer for a limited time, these certain hard-to-find items in their POP UP Shop. 

If you think you have a 'POP UP Shop' product, they might be interested, so reach out for promoting with Pint Size Social.

Enjoy your Downtime with Pint Size Social, they will keep all M.O.Ms 'in the know' with their easy reading, one-stop Lifestyle Magazine for the Entire Family.

Links to know and follow:  twitter @pintsizesocial    on facebook/pintsizesocial
website: Pint Size Social


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