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While you have probably heard of Tory Burch the designer, did you also know she’s a working mom and an entrepreneur? In fact, she started the company from her own kitchen like many of us mompreneurs are doing today. Tory Burch is a lifestyle brand rooted in classic American sportswear with an eclectic sensibility. It was launched in 2004 after Tory noticed a void in the market for designer clothing at an accessible price point. Tory Burch is now carried at 31 freestanding Tory Burch boutiques across the US and Asia, www.toryburch.com and over 500 select department and specialty stores worldwide. 

It is a great honor to introduce Tory Burch to our growing community of M.O.Mpreneurs. She will truly inspire us all to continue our drive to succeed.

Meet Tory Burch  

                                                                                            (photo by Charles Thompson)
M.O.M Katie ~ Many of us Moms struggle with the desire to work or stay home
after having kids, was this a factor for you or did you always envision
starting your own company before becoming a mother?

Tory ~
I had children before we started the company, so I knew it would be difficult to balance working and being a mother.  It’s hard, but we all figure out what is best for our families and for ourselves. My boys and stepdaughters keep me grounded and put things in perspective. They come first no matter what is happening at the office.

M.O.M Katie ~ Back to the Kitchen Days of Tory Burch, how did you know when
it was time to launch your first storefront and make that next step 'out of
the house' with your company?

Tory ~
From the beginning I knew that I wanted to do a lifestyle brand, and a big part of that was having a freestanding store where the customer could get the complete brand experience. So even when I was still just drafting and sorting through fabrics on my kitchen table, I kept in mind, “How is this going to look in a Tory Burch boutique?”

M.O.M Katie ~ What are some secrets to promotion and marketing on a small
mom-owned business' budget? Do you think today the social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are a great tool for marketing/promotion for small businesses?

Tory ~
We have never advertised the traditional way, so we had to get creative. From the start, we really honed in on the brand image and making sure that everything we did, from the Fashion Week presentation to marketing e-mails to the color of our office walls was on-brand.
Our website, Facebook and Twitter have been incredible marketing and customer service tools. They are direct lines to our customer—we know immediately what she’s thinking, good or bad. Social media is a powerful outlet for a small business owner, but in the greater picture of what is happening in the market right now, it is also the most relevant. This is how everyone is communicating, whether you’re an established or young company.

M.O.M Katie ~ If you could give one piece of advice to your M.O.Mpreneur
community, what would that be?

Tory ~
Being a working mother can be difficult, but anything is possible if you are determined and have a strong point of view.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us a little about the MOM behind Tory Burch.  You are a true mentor and role model for us all. 

Links to know:  www.toryburch.com follow Tory's Blog: http://blog.toryburch.com/ and  on twitter: @toryburch and facebook/toryburch

Tory Burch also launched her Foundation which helps other women become Entrepreneurs.   The goal of her foundation is to provide economic opportunities to American women and their families through microfinance.


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  1. Great questions Katie!!! I LOVE that she always thought big, and thought of her brand as big; even while working at the kitchen table!!! Great interview!!