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Every Mom needs some help, especially when it comes to keeping yourself healthy, in shape and energized! In today’s day, we don’t need to go very far to get the network, support, and guidance to live a healthy and active life.

One mom made it very simple and just a click away for all of us moms that struggle with motivation and staying on track for ourselves and our kids and families.

If you have not heard about it yet you definitely have not been looking very hard, so here is your kick ‘off the couch’ and easiest start to getting your life back.. Mamavation!

Mamavation™ is a online docudrama and weight loss support group for moms in social media. It’s both a campaign and Virtual Sorority™ in one.

Mamavation Moms™

Two women, referred to as Mamavation Moms™, go through a 7-week online boot camp and their lives are put on an a public stage. They share their struggles learning healthy living as a mom as the world watches via computer. The goal is to inspire and demonstrate how challenges can be overcome. But ultimately the goal is to save their family from obesity by passing on the values they learn.

The Mamavation Moms™ receive free professional support. They receive a customized nutritional plan created by Cynthia Pasquella, a fitness program created by Tracey Mallett, and weekly coaching from Pete Cohen. They also receive free fitness equipment and products to help them along the way such as Earth Footwear, an EA SPORTS Active, weekly SUBWAY & Chefs Requested meals, a Gruve and fitness DVDs. Everything is organized by Leah Segedie, a mom who has lost over 170 lbs. herself.

The Mamavation Moms™ come from social media. Moms apply from all over the continental United States to take part in the campaign. In order to qualify to apply, they must be at least “overweight” on the BMI scale and have an active blog and twitter account. Five moms are chosen by @bookiebooo and then are voted upon publicly. The Mamavation Moms are then announced during a special twitter party launching the campaign. There are four campaigns per year.

Mamavation Sistahood™, the Virtual Sorority™

Mamavation™ is also a weight loss and healthy living support group called the Mamavation Sistahood™. As the boot camp plays out, there is a real Virtual Sorority™ living within the background. The Mamavation Sistahood™ is the first sorority in social media. It was created as a place where women can create relationships with other like-minded women and support each other through challenges pertaining to healthy living. The Sistahood™ is a place women feel accepted for where they are in their journey, but they must participate weekly to stay active. They constantly support each other on twitter with the #mamavation hashtag, create weekly “check-in” posts on Mondays called Mamavation Monday and comment on each others blogs, and meet up Monday night at 10pm EST for Mamavation TV, an online live TV chat show. For more information on how to pledge to the Mamavation Sistahood go here. Pledging happens every Monday and you can jump in at any time.

Mamavation™ was created, owned and operated by Bookieboo LLC.

Let’s Meet Leah, the M.O.M who started it all

Leah Segedie is a fitness matriarch in the social media realm who helps “digital moms” learn and sustain healthy living practices to combat obesity. She has lost over 170 lbs. over two pregnancies and is an inspiration to women all over the internet with her communities and

Leah was overweight most of her life. She understands the struggles and societal issues behind obesity and how it can affect a person in their everyday life. She also knows what it takes to change. Losing all that weight was not easy, but it was worth it. Not only did she gain a healthy body, but she also gained a strong sense of self. She takes the lessons she learned on that journey and mentors thousands of women online every day.

Leah has been recognized for several feats in her professional and personal life such as being named "Mom of the Year" by Shape Magazine, compared to Lady Gaga for her unique social media tactics in The Huffington Post, and Bookieboo being named a "Favorite Weight Loss Blog" by Fitness Magazine. Her story, communities and work have also been featured in the following publications: Yahoo (front page), Ladies Home Journal, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post, Women's Day, Fitness RX, Hybrid Mom, Yahoo Shine, & The Acorn.

M.O.M Katie ~ WOW, every time I read a feature about you or get an email update via Bookieboo, I get inspired and ‘get off’ my butt and take charge of my workout. But it is hard, I must say, motivation is such a key factor, how do you stay motivated?

M.O.M Leah ~Two things: (1) I stay healthy for my family to be a good role model. As a mom, we think about ourselves 5 minutes per day, so why bother making your motivation come from something that only lasts 5 minutes? But you think about your family all the time. Have your motivation come from that and you will be thinking about it constantly. And (2) Exercise endorphins keep me sane. I'm a kavetch without them. So I do it for public safety reasons. LOL

M.O.M Katie ~ With Holiday Season here, what are 3 pieces of advice you would give us M.O.Ms on how to not over-indulge or skip out on exercise during the holidays?

M.O.M Leah ~ For meals I do a plate rule. Half of my plate is covered with veggies, then 1/4 protein and 1/4 samples of things I know are "naughty". That way I get to taste them without overindulging. For exercise, you just have to plan that in your day like a meeting. But make sure to plan in showering too. I hate going to the grocery store stinky.

M.O.M Katie ~ A lot of M.O.Ms (& people) turn to food when stressed, how do you deal with stress? What do you recommend M.O.Ms do when feeling that urge to turn to food?

M.O.M Leah ~ I have that same problem. I chew gum when I"m cooking and when I'm around food I shouldn't be eating. And I also pack lots of snacks in my purse, so I'm never caught starving

M.O.M Katie ~ So, what can a M.O.M expect when joining the Bookieboo community and why should they join today?

M.O.M Leah ~ Bookieboo has great forums that can assist and support you through the entire holiday. We have moms at all stages of fitness from beginning to hard core. Everyone is welcome and there are no judgments made. We also have a great staff of contributors that can educate you on everything from healthy recipes, nutrition, fitness, organizing your kitchen, running, and fitness products. And the community just rocks!

Leah really brings it home for us.  Get healthy and going for you and your family!  Continued success for us all!
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Leah Segedie
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Shape Magazine "Mother of the Year" 2010
Fitness Magazine's "Favorite Weight Loss Blogs"

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