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Giving a boost to {women owned} brands

As Women and Moms, our community & network is unstoppable when it comes to promoting each other. I recently was introduced to a great M.O.Mpreneur team of women from LaunchHER whose only goal is to promote you.
LaunchHER provides the boost that independent brands need. They feature new and fresh companies in the handmade and women owned category as well as providing professional branding, business development, legal and positioning tools to start-ups.

The LaunchHER M.O.Ms are an extraordinary duo and with their combined backgrounds and experience they will only continue to help boost {women owned} brands to the next level that they deserve.

Let’s Meet Our M.O.M Team from LaunchHER

Sallisha Armour is an entrepreneur, a mentor, and a small-business consultant who firmly believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than pursuing your passions. Through LaunchHER, Sallisha is drawing on over twelve years of experience in finance and marketing in companies ranging from Internet start-ups to Wall Street firms, she has developed a knack for distilling her "big-city" experience down to the grassroots efforts of the artisan and small-business community.

Kara Jensen Zitnick lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband and 2 young sons. Her love of crafting and handmade began at the tender age of 4 when her grandmother taught her the fine art of crochet. After being forced to participate in 4-H, she begrudgingly learned how to sew from her other grandmother and immediately began designing her younger sister a new wardrobe. Kara has moved on from creating garments using scraps of fabric from her mom's fabric stash, but her love of design is stronger than ever. After nearly 10 years of litigation in both state and federal court, Kara decided to follow her passion of assisting women entrepreneurs.

As a practicing attorney, she recognizes the importance of starting any business venture off on the right foot from a legal perspective, which means protecting the creative work that flows from a business's name, logo, brand and tagline are of the utmost importance from the start.

For Our Community of M.O.Ms, Let’s Chat About How LaunchHER Can Help You

M.O.M Katie ~ So, as a ‘women owned’ brand, thank you for all you do to help promote and guide small companies into the best direction for them to succeed. What does LaunchHer offer newly formed {women owned} companies?

M.O.Ms S & K ~ Thank you for this opportunity! It’s such a joy to share LaunchHER with this wonderful community of M.O.Ms! Specifically for newly formed {women owned} companies, LaunchHER offers the opportunity to be featured as an independent women-owned brand who is in the beginning stages of business. We profile these ventures every Tues and Fri through our ”Freshly Launched” feature. The unique thing about our Freshly Launched profiles is that they are absolutely free. We highlight only those businesses who appeal to us and are definitely starting out on the right foot, from a business/branding/marketing perspective.

M.O.M Katie ~ If someone has an idea and/or product sample, can LaunchHER help them get it off the ground?

M.O.Ms S& K ~ Asolutely! Our passion is to see women succeed in their businesses, and we love helping along the way. Through our site, we offer advice through our weekly articles geared specifically toward the {woman owned} brand. We have partnered with several industry experts who are offering their best advice and counsel through our regular LaunchHER PRO posts. Kara shares her legal expertise with our readers through the LaunchHER Law series. The series has proved to be very popular, most likely because Kara addresses really important legal considerations for start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and indie businesses in a way that makes these complex legal topics very understandable.

In addition to our weekly LaunchHER PRO and LaunchHER Law articles, our {freshly launched} features each Tuesday and Friday provide inspiration, ideas, and community to women starting out!

We also love to partner with women to help them start their businesses on the right foot. Through LaunchHER Consulting, we can help women start and / or develop their businesses through our full-service consulting and legal packages. We customize our flat-fee packages to the unique needs of each clients and are passionate about helping women launch and grow their businesses!

M.O.M Katie ~ What is the first piece of advice you offer a newly formed company?

M.O.Ms S & K ~ In general, don’t try to do it all. We’ve never met a business owner who regretted handing off their books to an accountant or hiring an attorney for all things legal. By recognizing what your strengths and weaknesses are, it makes a lot of business sense to pay the money and hire a professional to take on the tasks that line up with your weak points. Handing over your hard-earned money so early in the life of your business may be a very difficult act to do, but if by hiring someone else frees you up to create, or market, or whatever is required to bring money in the door, then it’s money well spent in the long run.

Specifically, protect your intellectual property before launching. Registering a trademark, securing copyrights, and considering all of the intellectual property ins-and-outs before putting your business out in front of the world is just plain and simply intelligent business. Finding yourself on the defense down the road in terms of protecting your business name without having a trademark can be very costly.

M.O.M Katie ~ What can we expect from LaunchHer in 2011?

M.O.Ms S & K ~ Wow, so much excitement is coming to LaunchHER in 2011! Of course, you can continue to expect expert advice through our LaunchHER PRO and LaunchHER Law series, as well as more inspiring stories and fabulous brands in our {freshly launched} features.

Here’s the inside scoop on what’s to come in the New Year… we’re excited to expand our LaunchHER staff to best meet the needs of our clients, and to {re}launch our site in January to better give a boost to {women owned} brands. We are looking forward to taking LaunchHER on the road through speaking engagements at conferences throughout the US, as well as our first LaunchHER LIVE events! We’re putting together features and exciting opportunities galore… and so much more!

Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for your guidance and support with women/mom owned brands.

We are excited to follow and learn from LaunchHer as our m.o.ms journey down the path of entrepreneurship, especially with you!

To learn More about LaunchHer – http://www.launchher.com/
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