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Build a Better Brand with Marque Communications

We couldn’t be more excited for our M.O.Ms First ‘the (other) half’ feature with Scout Masterson and Bill Horn. Scout and Bill (aka "The Guncles") appear on the hit reality television show "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" on the Oxygen channel.

‘The Guncles’ soon became a household name as we as viewers got to experience their commitment ceremony on the show (planned by Tori Spelling) and the beginning of their journey towards parenthood through the open adoption process.

Today, Bill and Scout have welcomed a beautiful newborn daughter into their lives- Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn and formed a new company, Marque Communications! (Marque is French for "brand"). And since their little Simone has a French name, they were greatly inspired by her in the naming of the company.

Together, with Bill’s 10+ years experience in public relations/consumer products and Scout's "Hollywood" connections from his casting career/ social media knowledge bring out a perfect balance at Marque! The most exciting part is... Marque Communications specializes in baby & kid's products which is their day-to-day forte`!

We wanted to catch up with the dad’s and see how becoming a Master Of Multitasking has changed their lives.

Meet Scout & Bill

M.O.M Katie ~ Wow, so many amazing things have happened over the last year! Have you pinched yourself yet?

T(o)H Bill ~  We do pinch ourselves every single day! We're loving the "dad life" and we're very grateful to be blessed with Simone as our daughter.

M.O.M Katie ~ Did you have the talk before starting your family about who is going to ‘stay-at-home’ or ‘work from home’? Is this how Marque Communications was formed?

T(o)H Scout ~We did. At the time of Simone's birth, Bill was a Vice President of a Public Relations firm in Los Angeles. It was a traffic heavy commute for Bill into the city each day from our suburban home and he didn't want to arrive home after Simone's bedtime. Essentially, he’d only see her two days a week. We always had the idea in our minds of starting our own company, utilizing Bill's years of expertise in P.R. and my "Hollywood" connections from my casting director career along with my self-taught savvy social media skills. It's the perfect mix! (And I'm also still casting... if the right project comes my way!)

M.O.M Katie ~ For all the ‘preneurs’ out there and small companies, tell us about Marque Communications and how does PR help build a brand?

T(o)H Bill ~ At Marque we understand the power of PR, marketing, and social media. And we understand how that power drives consumers to purchase certain brands and products. Marque helps companies shape and promote their brands, as well as work with already well established brands that want to increase visibility amongst consumers. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows it’s available then you have a problem. Marque offers traditional public relations services (working to secure media hits in print, on TV and online), as well as integrated social media capabilities, and celebrity seeding.

M.O.M Katie ~ So, now that we have established our (other) half’s are Masters of Multitasking, what can we expect for ‘The Guncles’ in 2011?

T(o)H Scout ~ The Guncles are in for a big year in '11. We can feel it! We've been working on a few special projects and hopefully we'll be sharing those with you soon... Also, "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" is filming and will be airing it's 6th season in the Spring. We're excited to share our new life with Simone with our fans! After all, we are the only real life gay family with a child on a television show (and if we're right, we're ALSO the first!)

Thank you so much for inspiring our community of M.O.Ms. We wish you much success with your family and new venture, Marque Communications!

You can follow Scout and Bill on twitter (@scoutmasterson & @thebillhorn  & @marquecomm) and facebook Their sites are and

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