Celeb M.O.M: the(other)half ~ Let's Dance with Drew Lachey

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We can all agree that dad’s are ‘m.o.ms’ too and Drew is a certifiable Master Of Multitasking in our books. 

Whether he got us up on our feet dancing as our teen idol crush with 98 Degrees, or more recently in our living rooms when he was crowned the Dancing With The Stars Champion, we might all agree Drew will inspire us not to sit around but to get up and dance.

Let’s Meet Drew Lachey ~ the (other)half

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. You have truly mastered multitasking as a dad. So, let’s see what ‘the (other) half’ has to say!

We usually only hear that most women struggle with so many new emotions and unexpected feelings of going back to work after having a baby, but we know that our dads also experience a struggle as well.

M.O.M Katie ~ Isabella was born right after you won DWTS and then you went back to work shortly after just becoming a first time dad? What were your initial feelings? Was that first time away difficult?

Dad Drew ~ It's amazing how quickly your perspective changes when you have kids. Immediately your focus switches to providing for and protecting your family. Knowing that I had this beautiful baby girl depending on me was all the motivation I needed to get back to work. The first time I had to go out of town and leave them was nerve wracking. I must have called and checked in every 30 minutes. I always felt like I was going to miss something.

M.O.M Katie ~ when you are planning work schedules or events, have your priorities changed now that you are a parent? What was the most unexpected change to your day to day?

Dad Drew ~ Priorities have absolutely changed. Dance class, soccer practice, recitals pretty much trump everything when it comes to making our household schedule. Luckily my work schedule allows me a decent amount of time at home so my wife and I are able to tag team most of the stuff. If there is an option to take the whole family with me when I work that is the ideal scenario. This past summer they went with me to Pittsburgh while I did " Hairspray" and then also to Vegas while I hosted " The Price is Right" at Bally's. Once my daughter starts kindergarten next year we're going to have to rethink doing that.

M .O.M Katie ~ So, we have dad of 2 (Isabella & Hudson), husband, singer, dancer, tv host, actor, producer on your resume... can we say you like to juggle? Have you accomplished what you dreamed you would or is there something you still want to conquer?

Dad Drew ~I have done more than I ever imagined. I've always enjoyed having a lot of different things going on. You never get bored that way. Not that you can ever really get bored with 2 kids running around.

M.O.M Katie ~ I think we can add Dad-preneur to your multitasking job list too. We hear you’ve partnered with your brother(Nick) and formed your own Production Company, Flying Pig Productions company. What can we expect for 2011 with Fyling Pigs or for you on your own?

Dad Drew ~That's right. The mascot of our home town of Cincinnati is the flying pig so when it came time to think of a name for our company that seemed the perfect fit. We are currently developing 2 shows and are very excited about them. TV producing is a new adventure for me and I love the creative process of taking a raw idea and shaping it into something entertaining. As for me personally there are several things in the works. I love that I can be on Broadway one week and hosting a tv show the next week. I am living the dream!

What Are Your 3 Most Proud Dad Moments
1. When my daughter Isabella asked her teacher if she could have a solo in the Christmas play and then nailed it in the performance. I was so nervous for her.

2. When my son Hudson got a shot in his leg for one of his vaccinations and he didn't make a peep. I was prepared for him to scream and cry but he just looked at the nurse like " That's all you got?"

3. Every smile, giggle, and milestone in between. I could not be more proud of my kids. As parents we take on an amazing amount of pressure to shape these little people into good, loving, confident, compassionate human beings and everyday I am in awe of them. They must take after their Mom.....

Thank you again and I know you will inspire our community of M.O.Ms, both male and female, to go after their dreams and learn how to be a master of multitasking.

Drew Lachey, dad to Isabella Claire (born March 2006) and Hudson Nicholas (born May 2010)

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