Tuesdays Tip & Resource ~ Launch Your Biz & Get 'Storenvy'

As a small business, the biggest challenge is figuring out how to grow from local word of mouth to reaching a shopper across the country. Today, small businesses have found social media is the key to expansion and I totally agree.  Without Twitter and Facebook I (Kt Steppers) would not have grown or 'been found' as fast as I did in a year without them.

Now, most 'indie' shops turn to Etsy because that is what opened the doors for crafters and vintage selling.  For those looking to the future and to maximize the world of online shopping...meet StorenvyStorenvy is a social marketplace of cool stuff from thousands of indie sellers and you set up your own storefront for FREE!  Yup... not setup fee, no transaction fee (except via paypal if used), no monthly fees, no listing fees..all FREE!

'E-commerce for the people.

Storenvy is a social marketplace for discovering awesome stuff from real people. We provide sellers with a completely free and easy way to create fully customizable and feature-rich online stores, while allowing shoppers to interact with sellers and each other through an awesome marketplace. Storenvy is doing for e-commerce what Tumblr has done for blogging — making it more accessible and more social. And you got the part that it's totally free, right?

Storenvy enables anyone, from the owner of a fashion boutique to a guy designing skateboard decks, to create their own customizable store at no charge and with no programming knowledge required. (Though if you know CSS, you can dive in and edit to your heart's desire!) By combining all Storenvy stores' products into one big marketplace, stores make more sales through the natural discovery process. Currently, Storenvy stores are making almost 15% of their sales through the marketplace rather than through direct store traffic. Storeowners can put their store on their Facebook page with the Storenvy Store Tab Facebook app, and they can manage stats, orders and much more through their Store Admin Panel.

Storenvy is like a mall... but cool. Our well-categorized marketplace makes it easy for shoppers to browse all stores at once, letting them save their favorite items for later and follow updates from their favorite stores and users. And of course, buying on Storenvy means supporting an independent merchant somewhere in the world, which is always awesome! '

So, be sure to check them out and be social with your business, people buy from people they know and like!

On Twitter: @storenvy
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/storenvy
online: http://www.storenvy.com/


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  2. I also Like To Deal With Real People! Thanks So Much For The Info!