Celeb M.O.M : the (other) half ~ Josh Kelley Can't Imagine His Life Without His 'Little Naleigh Moon'

After a successful career in pop music and as an indie artist, Josh is back singing straight from the heart, this time with a country album, Georgia Clay

It's not too hard to imagine Josh trading in his pop icon status to country superstar -- he grew up on the genre and has been writing country songs for years. He's always had a country and soulful way about him capturing his Georgia Southern Style, so this 'career change' was inevitable (& genius if you ask me).

His single "Georgia Clay" pays homage to something important between him and his brother – their father's 1977 Chevy Silverado.  This song was written with his brother Charles Kelley of country trio Lady Antebellum whose earliest beginnings were actually formed, "rent free," in his home.

As we know, Josh is not only a singer and songwriter, but a husband to actress Katherine Heigl and 'dad' to daughter Naleigh.

So, let’s hear what ‘the (other) half’ has to say about working and being 'Dad'.....

Meet Josh Kelley 
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.  You have truly mastered multitasking as a dad!

We usually only hear that most women struggle with so many new emotions and unexpected feelings of going back to work after becoming a parent, but we know that our dads also experience a struggle as well.

M.O.M Katie ~ So, you’ve got over a year under your belt as a dad, has becoming a father changed your vision with your music and writing music? 
Dad Josh ~ 19 months in i can say my daughter Naleigh has changed everything in my life - she has inspired me not only in songwriting but in being a better person all around - Sometimes I'm guilty of being a bit self absorbed - but the moment Naleigh hugged me and without words let me know I was her dad I became humbled and more selfless.

M.O.M Katie ~ We all fell in love with your songs/words written for ‘Katie’ ,did Naleigh influence any songs to be written on this album, Georgia Clay?

Dad Josh ~ I wrote a song for her called Naleigh Moon.  It was so easy to write because she's so easy to love - I can't imagine my life without my little Naleigh Moon - For fathers day my wife Katie made me "first fathers day" necklace with the chorus lyrics to Naleigh Moon on the front - I wear it every day.
M.O.M Katie ~ when you are planning work schedules or events/tours now, have your priorities changed now that you are a parent? What was the most unexpected change to your day to day?

Dad Josh~ They have changed - I try to make more time for the family and Katie is great about making whatever time she has to bring Naleigh out on tour with me so that we can be together as much as possible - Trying to get the songs from yo gabba gabba out of my head is probably the most unexpected thing. haha
M .O.M Katie ~  Now that you have found the music where your heart is, would you  say being a dad, husband, and successful musician that you’ve accomplished all you dreamed you would or is there something you still want to conquer?

Dad Josh ~ I'd like for my career to continue to grow as much as possible - That affords the opportunity for more family time just in terms of being able to be more choosy with my schedule and have my own bus so the family has more space.

What Are Your 3 Most Proud Dad Moments
1. the first day she said dada and momma.  
2. when she learned how to walk and help throw the trash away. 
3. when she FINALLY took her first poopie in the potty.

M.O.M Katie ~ We can pre-order Georgia Clay right now correct? What else can we expect for 2011 with Josh Kelley? Any concert/tours?

Dad Josh ~I'll continue touring with Miranda Lambert this spring (she is awesome!) - I will also be touring with Taylor Swift on the "Speak Now" tour this summer and will be playing many festivals and fairs - its gonna be a busy busy next few years for sure.

Thank you again and I know you will inspire our community of M.O.Ms, both male and female, to go after their dreams and learn how to be a master of multitasking.

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