Going Green Mid-Week Must Have ~ PB Green.. Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps

1. What are the snack bags and sandwich wraps made of?
The outside is made of high quality designer cotton fabric and the inner lining is a water-resistant, food safe fabric that does not contain DEHP, phthalates, or BPA plasticizers. Both are closed by velcro to keep items fresh.

2. How do I clean the bags and wraps?
Easy!!  Shake out the crumbs and wipe clean with a damp cloth, or stick them in the washing machine (gentle cycle, hang to dry) or wash the bags in the top rack of the dishwasher (turn inside out).

3. Where are PB GREEN products made?
They are proudly made in the USA.

4. Why choose PB Green bags?
We take pride in the construction of our products to make sure that the bags and wraps are durable, practical, and of the highest quality.  We use two layers of fabric, so the products will stand up to the daily routines of a busy household, your food will be better protected, and the wipe-able inner lining broadens the kind of food that you can use the products for.  We seal the entire width of the bag with Velcro to keep your food fresher than the envelope style of other bags out there. And lastly, you simply won’t find cooler designs than ours

Wrap Sets $24

3 Bag Sets $24

Individual Snack Bags $7.99

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