Tuesday's Tips from M.O.M Kendra Scott

  Dream it, Live it, Love it

What is your best advice to a budding entrepreneur?  

      I have two very important, yet simple points of advice for all budding entrepreneurs out there. Number one: Be yourself. Figure out what it is that YOU do best and then strive to create a business that utilizes your individual strengths and talents. Entrepreneurship takes a great amount of dedication, so be sure to invest in something that brings you great joy. Number two: Once you figure out your direction, NEVER take no for an answer! Delete the word “no” from your vocabulary. Once you adopt this attitude, you will soar. This will get you places you never even dreamed of being.

    What is a must-have site or resource all entrepreneurs should know and follow? 

Industry-related blogs are a vital resource because they provide real time advice from today’s entrepreneurial leaders. Blogs consist of an endless compilation of constantly updated, valuable information that can be useful for all types of entrepreneurs! They also create a web of interconnectivity between readers. This is another reason why I love them so much--networking is key in the realm of entrepreneurship. In turn, I have created my own company blog (www.kendrascottblog.com) in hopes of industry trailblazers referencing it for knowledge and inspiration. My blog is a great resource because it not only offers insight into my company, but my personal life as well. It keeps my readers up to date about my design inspiration, special events, company culture, charity work, family life and many other topics. It contains a wealth of material and is updated weekly.
      Quote or Book to live by 
      My personal quote as well as company motto is “dream it, live it, love it!” This was the basis for my business from the beginning. I dreamt of becoming a jewelry designer, then decided to live out my dream, and now I absolutely love it. It is so important to focus on something you are passionate about. It is the only key to happiness and success.

Meet our M.O.M Tip Contributor Kendra Scott

In 2002, out of the extra bedroom of her home with only $500, Kendra Scott combined her love for fashion with her creative talents and began her own line of jewelry. Today, the Austin based designs of Kendra Scott Jewelry have a home in the new Kendra Scott flagship boutique located in the heart of Austin’s famous SOCO District and can be found at top retailers such as Nordstrom, Henri Bendel and Lord and Taylor. The line garners the attention of national publications and television media worldwide.

As Kendra continues to grow her company, she remains committed to her three core philosophies: family, fashion and philanthropy. Kendra’s “family first” philosophy has always been a core value of her growing company. The birth of her two sons during the initial stages of her business influenced Kendra in creating a lifestyle company that is both flexible and fun. While fashion is the driving force for this savvy entrepreneur, the heart of Kendra's business philosophy is in giving back to her community. Kendra sits on the board of local and national philanthropic organizations and is the keynote speaker for the American Heart Association’s Go Red Campaign for Women.

In addition, Kendra assists non-profit Dress for Success in their mission to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire via gorgeous jewelry, helping women thrive in work and in life.

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Jewelry shown: Danielle Earrings in Turquoise,  Ring: Poppy in Coral, Zahara Necklace in Turquoise, & Zaire Cuff in Yellow Onyx

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