{m.o.mSTYLE}Wednesdays' What to Wear are Mid-Week Must Haves ~Spring Wrap Up for M.O.Ms

Extra Toppings Please! 
by guest fashion blogger Jill Mikols Etesse 

Cheese pizza, vanilla ice cream and lettuce?  No!  Load on the mushrooms, the sprinkles and the bacon & goat cheese, variety is the spice of life!  Your spice this season is color, as you well know but spend the smallest amount of your budget on this because as you know the trend will come and go like an old boyfriend!  Make your wardrobe work for you by investing in key pieces and adding the bright orange cuff bracelet or Kelly green clutch as the afterthought.

If you’re lucky enough to have a great basic closet already, take your budget and shop like a 6 year old- bright and big!  Cobalt Di Orsay shoe or coral tote with the item on the “wedge”of fashion this season, a wedge espadrille sandal! 

If you’re not feeling the closet love, focus on some key updates like a dolman sleeve top, pegged leg jeans or don’t freak, SHORTS!  Yes moms can wear shorts this season, not the “let’s go workout” type but more the “let’s put a pair of platform sandals on and go to drinks at the last minute” shorts.  Flat front or pleated depending on what your trying to accomplish (or hide), with a cuff hem and in a neutral color (linen, charcoal etc..) can take you to dinner or a last minute meeting with nothing more than a blazer and clutch added!  

Purely corporate are you?  Lighten up!  As in your choice of tops, go a lighter, more flowing route to spruce up the office décor, add a killer, thick, opposite color belt and cinch-in an old tired dress or loose top you already have!

Closet space might be limited as well as budgets but don’t limit yourself by sticking with the same looks your rocked last spring.  Rocking last seasons threads is like getting a glass of wine from last nights bottle – was good last night but today has lost it’s luster, even the cork had to be forced to go back in.....

Until our closets meet again, Keep Calm and Carry a better handbag!

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