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Constance Marie is best known for her role as the hard-working and devoted wife, Angie, in "George Lopez," for which The Imagen Awards honored her with a Best Actress in a TV Series Award and a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. She has made guest appearances on "CSI," "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" and "According to Jim," and starred opposite Jodi Lyn O'Keefe and Eric Roberts in The Hallmark Channel movie, "Class." 

As M.O.Ms, women and parents, we have come to follow and admire Constance Marie off-screen as well.  Marie recently welcomed her first child into the world, Luna Marie Katich. Candid about the difficulties she faced trying to get pregnant and eventually turning to IVF, Marie is determined to reach out to women in similar situations to let them know that they are not alone. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy wellness, she is a vegetarian and organic follower, and also practices a green lifestyle, decorating her daughter's nursery with completely organic and non-toxic materials. She is also currently writing a baby blog for People.com, sharing her experiences and thoughts on trying to conceive, pregnancy, her daughter's first year and green living. 

I think it is safe to say that our Celeb MOM Constance Marie can be added to the amazing Certifiable M.O.M category and will inspire us all.  

Let’s Meet our M.O.M Constance Marie  
photo courtesy of ABC Family
M.O.M ~ So, you are now tackling being mom of a toddler and managing life with relationships and work.  You clearly knew how to multitask prior to having Luna with your career, so how has the juggling changed now that her schedule and priorities are added into the equation? 

M.O.M CM ~ Honey can we talk??? How has it changed... in every single way... because now i have the inner emotional battle of not wantin to work.. because my baby is sad or frustrated.. or actually says "DON'T GO TO WORK!"  or my least favorite "Mama I am sad,," I  try to do my work SMARTER AND FASTER... so I can be with her more... I used to hear about how parents would crave a break, and then when they got the break they wanted to be with their kid, I used to think they were crazy!....Well. I now know EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE TALKIN ABOUT!

M.O.M ~ What would you say is the one thing you learned and learned quickly to conquer as M.O.M (master of multitasking)? 

M.O.M CM ~ I LEARNED that a few perfectly timed photos sent via blackberry can change a little girls mood, and give a nanny a much needed break in grumpiness. 

M.O.M ~ With your open struggles to conceive and become a mom, was the decision to continue working or not to continue working after having Luna a discussion?  Trying to balance this and accomplishing both is the biggest struggle us M.O.Ms face. 

M.O.M CM ~ Honesty, I was raised by a single working mom.  I don't really know how else to be. I just always need to make sure the balance does not get off with too much work. I really truly LOVE being a mom! I know I am a better one if I am fufilled by what I accomplish... I also want to be a good example for my daughter on how to be a woman it the world. I WILL make mistakes,but hopefully too many. 

M.O.M ~ Now that you are working on a new series with ABC Family called Switched At Birth, how has Luna adjusted to mommy’s new schedule?  Do you think our kids adjust better to the change than we(parents) do? 

M.O.M CM ~ Re: Switched at Birth and scheduling: It was really difficult at first for Luna Marie..She didn't understand.. where I would go. I pretty much did not work for 2years so it was a big adjustment...I kept reminding myself that most moms don't get that much time. and hopefully i had logged in enough mommy hours that she knew and felt I loved her...  It was so hard for me too... But I knew if I made it harder on her by saying long dramatic goodbyes, I would regret it.  I also made a Mommy goes to work book. It was a little book with photos that explained how mommy 1) got in a car,2) rehearsed lines with other actors, 3) did make up and hair  4) played in front of a camera and last but so not least 5) WOULD ALWAYS COME HOME TO LUNA MARIE!  That book somehow made her feel better, like she understood the process.

M.O.M ~ Tell us about Switched at Birth that premiered this month. 

photo courtesy of ABC Family
M.O.M CM ~ I am truly proud of this project... I has SO  much heart and it is really about the family relationships and dynamic. Something parents can watch with their kids. Often times projects are either for only parents or only kids.. this truly is for both!... I also feel i understand that better and feel like a  better actor now that i am a mother..  I think when Luna Marie is older I would be really interested in her opinion! She's only two and doesn't watch tv so, we got a while to go.  I am also proud of that fact that it is groundbreaking in its potrayal of deaf characters. Here they get to be the leads of a show funny, strong, full bodied. The sign language aspect is sooooooo cool! 

Let’s hear about your 3 favorite MOMents as M.O.M

three favorite moments.. and a multitasking mom. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

A) My daughter say's to me Mommy my tummy hurts, I gotta go poo poo... Just as the phone rings and it is my agents... I pick up and talk, pretend that all is fine, and they are telling me about an appointment.. while I walk my lil' girl to the potty. I sit her down and she says her tummy hurts again... I cover the phone and say " you will feel better when the poo poo comes out" to which she says "Mommy i need a hug"... so, tell my agents "Can u hold on one sec?" then I bend down on next to her little potty and  for a quick hug but she has me tight and won't let go, and at that exact moment.. she lets it rip!  Glamorous right?
B) Honestly, i have no other's to top that.... do I get extra credit for it being about poop?

Ha- Yes, this is a M.O.Memt for sure!!!

Be sure to follow this M.O.M onscreen as well by watching Switched At Birth - airs on Mondays on ABC Family. (check your local listing for times) 

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