Do You Have a 'Worst Date' Ever Memory? Well, Celebrity M.O.M Tori Spelling Had a Doozy!

"Back in my 20s when I was on 90210, I was at a club one night and bumped into a guy that I hadn't seen since high school," she wrote. "At the time, Donna Martin was making crappy boy choices, but I was determined to find The One!...he called and asked if I was free to go to dinner Friday at 8PM. I said yes, and he told me he had already made reservations at...wait for it...the chicest, most expensive, and trendiest new restaurant / lounge in Beverly Hills. I was impressed all around"

As the picture shows, Tori Spelling really only has One True Love, Dean McDermott.   As with most people, meeting that one true love may not be in the beginning of the 'dating scene' as you will read, for Tori she recalls this date  was NOT the ONE and was her 'worst date EVER'.

Fred Prouser / Reuters

Our readers do love Tori Spelling and her un-ending guidance given to our here and all over (it's no wonder they picked her as a fave Celeb M.O.M).  The 38-year-old mom-to-be is an actress,reality star, event planner,entrepreneur and author -- aka M.O.M --  she is currently expecting her third child with McDermott, 44  and opened up about the "worst date" of her life in this weeks blog post (its a fun read).
Aside from remembering the 'bad' times, Tori is looking to the future and with exicitng new adventure for her and her family.  In true M.O.M fashion she is also tweeting about her upcoming birthing experience  and being a chic mama that she is: "Attempting to design my own hospital gown for delivery. I have a vision"

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