Friday Festivities with Singer, Songwriter, Producer M.O.M Extraordinaire, Louise goffin

‘Tis the season to sing of joy and family.... meet Louise Goffin, a true M.O.M {master of multitasking} building a career as a multi- instrumentalist, singer, composer, lyricist, and producer.

Louise Lynn Goffin has lived and breathed music since the day she was born. With a level of excellence in the work her family does, a bar set high by her parents work.

According to Goffin, “Singing is like breathing. Songwriting a spiritual, emotional necessity and it keeps her young. However, producing is brand new to her but she didn’t let that hold her back from producing her mom (Carole King’s) first ever holiday album, ‘A Holiday Carole.’

According to Amazon, Goffin created excellent arrangements and co-wrote three tracks on the album. The mother-daughter duo {Goffin-King} is in the running for best holiday album against pop star Justin Bieber.

Let’s Hear What The Inspiring M.O.M has to say!

M.O.M Katie ~ You’ve had a lot of inspiration growing up to live your dream, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned or have followed building your career?

M.O.M Lousie ~ That other people don't make you who you are. I used to think that I needed a record deal to be an artist, a recording studio to be making a record, a wedding to be in love. It takes more self-belief when the outside props aren't there, and especially for moms who are one minute subservient to the needs of others, and the next exhausted and having to recharge their battery. Over the years I've met people who seem to have the outside affirmation, and yet are more fearful than the people who don't because they've not yet found out they are still who they are with or without kudos from a crowd. Children are the least likely audience to say "yay, job well done!" I have to do it for myself to keep building on my vision.

M.O.M Katie ~ Can you tell us what inspired your to produce you’re Mom’s Album and choosing a Holiday Album?

M.O.M Louise ~ I've always loved being in the recording studio, and making records. By the time she and her (then) manager, Lorna Guess, asked me to produce this holiday record, I'd already recorded five entire albums of my own as a recording artist. I knew a lot about the process of putting an album together. I had some recent losses in my life at the time, and it was the perfect uplifting theme for me to throw myself back into work after primarily focusing on raising my two boys, who are still in elementary school. It did a lot for my confidence to apply my multi-tasking skills at home to an array of musicians, songs, supporting my mother, Carole, in feeling comfortable back in the studio, and listening to my radar as to whether each song was presented in its best form for her to sing over.

What is your favorite song? Having just performed "Christmas In The Air" in Rockefeller Center for the tree lighting, the song being a hat tipper to the Jackson Five arrangements (and being about New York, and EVERYDAY being a gift I get to open up) that's now one of my favorites. I treat all songs on an album as a mother would her own children - every one is special in his/her own unique way. They each have their own calling. This is a great record to give friends and family as a gift as it is so chock-full of great uplifting cuts you wouldn't usually hear on a Christmas record.

M.O.M Katie ~ What can we expect from you in 2012 (as I’m sure you are not ‘laying low’)?

M.O.M Louise~ I hope to lay low between Dec 25th and Jan 1st. Other than that, I plan to write, record and produce new artists. And any ones that have been around for awhile who want to come see me, I'll send some mojo and enthusiasm their way. That's one of my strong suits. Enthusiasm, play, creativity, and empathy for one's artistic nature.

The organizing of the players and recording part is much easier than capturing the lightening bolt of desire and believing it can be done. I'm there to be the believer for the artist and keep excitement and enthusiasm up for making dreams come true.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and this amazing new Album for the Holidays!

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