Busy M.O.Ms Must-Have...

I (Katie from Kt Steppers) was so incredibly honored to have been named Mompreneur of the Moment on Tori Spelling's site ediTORIal!

One of the questions Tori asked was

Since we are all busy M.O.Ms,I thought I'd share my response:

1. Not until last year did I own a ‘Smartphone’ and my goodness is it smart! I don’t really know how I functioned without it… it helps run my biz when I’m not at home (HQ) and also is a meltdown stopper for the kids (Angry Birds is a fave app).

2. The Crockpot for sure! After a busy day out and about or just working at home, to know that dinner will be done and ready with little or no effort is a lifesaver!

3. Having an organized ‘home-based’ calendar. My husband travels often for work, so knowing his schedule, the kids’ activities and my meetings all in one place is how we function and know where everyone is!

4. Lastly, I would have to say… having a supportive partner. If it wasn’t for my husband, we wouldn’t be as successful as we’ve become. He truly is my #1 fan and supporter!

What are your Must-Haves as a M.O.M (master of multitasking)?  do share

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