Monday's M.O.M to Mention ~ Sara Blakely, THE {under}Cover Billionaire

If you are like me, reading such amazing success stories like Sara Blakely's are hard not to revisit or pass along.

As we all know 'SPANX' is somewhat of a household name now, did you know who, what, and how it all began?

Well, for me I got my copy of Forbes in the mail and I couldn't stop reading and then looking up more about this amazing M.O.M Sara, whom can inspire all of us to turn $5k into a Billion!

Sara Blakely, who took a simple idea of a footless pantyhose and turned it into a $1 billion business. The inventor of Spanx is now the youngest self-made woman(41) on the Forbes rich list.  So, of course I had to make her our M.O.M to mention!

Working Mom, Wife and from "Working as a sales trainer by day and performing stand-up comedy at night, I didn't know the first thing about the pantyhose industry (except I dreaded wearing most pantyhose). Also, I had never taken a business class which made the process even more challenging. As a result, I had only one source to operate gut." 

Sara also shares on her top 5 Startup Tips or five lessons for would-be entrepreneurs HERE so read on...

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Thank you Sara for inspiring all of us M.O.Ms to conquer and not give up!

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