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Roll over at 5:15 am to my alarm, not trying to be annoying with it's gentle tones, but is because, well hello, it's IS 5:15 AM.  I rationalize with myself that I could actually get up at 6 and be ok.  The kiddos aren't home right now because they spent the night at their Nana's house.  The house is quiet, very quiet.  So perfect for sleeping in, and I'd love nothing more than to do so. I completely justify sleeping a little longer, I must have dreamt that I had reset my alarm because popping up at just after 6 is not fun.  But so tired from the night before, an event for Sugar Loco at the Denver zoo, plus wearing shoes I should NOT have worn to the zoo, makes for one tired lady.  As usual though, the guilt and the list of to dos starts piling up in my head so I make myself get up.
At least my toes are cute
After doing the usual morning routine, I throw on some yoga pants, though I'll be doing nothing of the sort today, not even stepping near a gym (I'll brush off that guilt and procrastinate another week), just needing something comfy to walk around in this morning.  The dog must think I'm taking him for a walk as he stares at me with those eyes, hopping around getting really excited.  No walk for you, just grabbing some coffee to get my day started.  It's going to be a REALLY busy one today.  I sit down at the computer, waiting for her to warm up - thinking she could probably use a cup of coffee, or two, this morning too.  I put together a few silent auction items for Monkey Toes - one is being donated to Dolls for Daughters - an amazing local charity giving back to needy kids.  The other going to a winner of an online auction for Bonfils Blood Center for the Aurora Theater Shooting Victims, not too far from my house.

Start pulling open a few websites working on a project for Sugar Loco, checking emails, chugging my coffee, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes, oh and trying my hardest NOT to get sucked into the Facebook black hole, but just "checking" it and scheduling a bunch of posts for the day.  That's what I work on for the next 30 minutes.  Then heading off to the grocery store, our cabinets and fridge are a desert, I'm not kidding...like Old Mother Hubbard has seriously bare cupboards..  The kiddos are coming home around 8:30 and then we have a refi closing on our house to attend to at 9.  This day should be really interesting to say the least.

Procrastination, it's my thang...and it's now 7:15 and I need to get out of the house, but I don't want to.  I'm going...Swear.

Praying I don't spill my coffee cup.  I don't like drinking coffee from travel mugs, my little quirk.

8:45, a million groceries put away, breakfast being eaten.  Unless you count the few scraps of popcorn still sitting on the counter from yesterday as breakfast?
I'm obsessed with black beans and eggs.
Getting a little concerned because the hubs is still not home from picking up the kiddos yet.  EEK - closing is in 4 minutes.  The closer ends up showing up before my hubby returns, I micro him some coffee and get him settled (ya, I'm not quite being Martha Stewart this morning).  Then am greeted at the door by a screaming toddler - an exhausted little guy who is in need of a major nap - I'm talking about my husband and my toddler.  Oh and did I mention my two daughters?  The bags under their tired and droopy eyes? A sign that they've had a lot of fun at Nana's house.  I want to run from all of them, but I don't.  You know the feeling!!

Try to settle in the toddler on my bed for a few cartoons, this usually mellows him out a bit.  Take the gnarly polish off my nails, throw on my home shellac polish, snag a shower, attempt at some cuteness, and then I'm OUT the door for the day.

First stop, Jessica's house to drop off a pair of Buzzy Bees mary janes for her upcoming event.  We do a 5 minute catch-up on everything since it's been a while since we've seen each other.  I love her, I love her passion for her cause.

Next, on to a business meeting, at noon, downtown at the Market with a favorite local beverage company.  Tossing out some ideas on how to collaborate for Sugar Loco.  Goes to show if there is something you want, just ask for it!  I did, and sometimes you'll get a no (or better yet, no response), or you'll get a response and great things can come of it - what have you got to lose?  Thought we were having lunch so I came hungry - oops.  Only coffee...So I order the most substantial thing on the menu, a carrot/orange juice, hoping it will sustain me til 2 when I have my dessert tasting.
Was really hoping to try one of these babies!
Finish up that meeting at about 1:15, my dessert tasting at Strings doesn't start until 2, but I decide to go early to catch up on some emails.  I don't know what the heck I did before smartphones.  Take a risk and go into the restaurant early and my PR person is already there!  Sweet!  And she's ready to go, even better.  I love catching up with the people who send me to these restaurants - dessert is definitely sweeter when it's shared.  And we always giggle and have fun.  Best job I ever created!!

Toughest part of the job is figuring out which dessert is my favorite....

Finish up at about 3:15 and next on my list is all about ME!  I head to a local boutique, well, it's kind of a boutique, it's the high end Goodwill shop - all the name brands go to this store.  I've been wanting to check it out -- eh.. It was just OK, my excitement turned out to be a little disappointed.  Seemed to have a lot of older lady clothes.  My BFF was so sweet to remind me that I am approaching 40 so maybe I could update my wardrobe there?  Ha, very funny.

I've got nothing to do until my friend gets off work, so I head to the mall - an hour of wandering the mall By. My. Self.  It's heavenly.  I get caught up in the shoes at Nordstrom - a birthday gift card screaming at me from my wallet, which I still haven't spent (yes, I amaze myself too).  And decided I will be packing my bags and moving into Z Gallerie, I love everything in that store.  At that point I get the call that my friend is ready to meet for a little happy hour and we're attending the movie premier of Sparkle. I'm writing about it for a friend's blog.

We meet for a 45 minute catch up at Maggiano's, they have the best happy hour, FYI.  $5 glass of wine and $4 flatbread (yummy) pizzas.  You know how hard it is to catch up with your BFF in just 45 minutes?  HARD!  But we manage to do it, and then head to the movie premiere. You can see my write-up of it here.  http://www.betweentalk.com/2012/08/sparkle-the-movie-shines/ 

Movie ends, drop bestie off at her place, head home.  It's about 9:40 when I get home.  A million things going through my head, the house is quiet, so I sneak through it - which typically means that I drop a million things making a ton of noise (don't you love that?).  Hubs is falling asleep so I get ready for bed, trying again not to disturb him.  Sit in bed, legs numb and tired, and check the giant inbox that I accumulated over the day.  At about 10:30  my phone battery goes, and the phone goes blank...I guess that's a sign that I need to turn in too.  Surprisingly I fall asleep really quickly, even with tomorrow's giant to-do list mounting in my head.  And it will start all over again tomorrow :)

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