{celeb}M.O.M Jaclyn Smith is Not Just Charlie's Angel

An inspiration to women and M.O.Ms for three decades now, Jaclyn Smith shares what it's like to be a true Master Of Multitasking!

Jaclyn has held the public’s interest as an award winning actress, a designer and a role model. She loves her family, her home, gardening, Tchaikovsky, baseball, “Gone with the Wind”, her mother’s cooking – and her dogs. She manages her life and legendary career with grace and style.  

“It is perhaps the dancer’s sense of balance which keeps the many facets of her life in harmony. Husband Brad, son Gaston Anthony and daughter Spencer Margaret, keep her centered and serve as her inspiration. “That’s truly where my heart lies”.

Let's meet M.O.M Jaclyn 

Today’s M.O.Ms may not realize that before you were an ‘angel’ to them, you were actually an entrepreneur behind the scenes building your brand with Max Factor and your first fragrance. When was your ‘a-ha’ moment to becoming a brand? 

I was a model for Max Factor for quite a few years before they asked me to create a fragrance. It was the idea of developing a fragrance that sparked my passion. When work and dedication is in place the brand will follow. It’s the day to day journey that’s important. 

What is your best advice to a budding entrepreneur? 

Research, research, research and do something that you really have a passion for. It helps to love what you do!

How have you learned to balance it all?

By having myself surrounded with a strong supportive team that I can depend on and knowing how to be a good delegator. 

We’ve got perfume, apparel, home d├ęcor, hair fashions, skincare…Is there an avenue or field of interest you haven’t broken into yet that you would love to make your mark in? 

Perhaps a store of my own filled with collectables from around the world with one of a kind pieces , some newer ones as well designed by talented artist’s. 

What’s coming up next for you that we can look forward to?

My skincare going global and traveling to endorse it. 

Favorite quote or book ‘to live by’? 

“Do unto others as you would do unto yourself”

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  1. Great photo..Love the roses! I wish mine would grow this well...I feed them all the time...Do you have any hints for me to growmine better??
    We love your fashions!