Spark & Hustle With Tory for Hurricane Relief ~ "We May Not Have Electricity..But We Have Power"

While I re-group and get back to reality after Super Storm Sandy hit my home state(s) of NJ and NY, I couldn't be more proud to add to my M.O.M plate and do what I can for others too.

My lack of power for 4-5 days was a mere inconvenience at this point compared to what so many others have been hit with and have to face from this point on...

One remarkable M.O.M and way you too can contribute to the restoration and support of those affected by Sandy is with M.O.M extraodinaire Tory Johnson! 

I've had the priviledge of being in the presence of M.O.M Tory Johnson at her Spark & Hustle NYC 2011 Tour and part of what her vision and goal is for us women and M.O.Ms. 

Not only do her Spark & Hustle tours help bring us M.O.Ms together, but her most recent book released is dedicated to the national tour and how you can 'launch and grow your small business'.  In this trying time of getting back on our feet in the north east, this book may be a great resource into rebuilding your dream business. (I am a proud contributor as well)

Tory is yet again bringing us M.O.Ms together to 'Spark & Hustle' in every avenue of life to succeed with her campaign to help the victims of Sandy! 

Please see below on how you can help today and for the next 12 days!

Inspired by a tweet from Jon Bon Jovi: "THIS IS WHAT WE DO. WE HELP OTHERS WHO ARE IN NEED. WE MAY NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, BUT WE HAVE POWER," the Spark & Hustle team is springing into action, creating the Hurricane Sandy Spark Comfort Campaign, to raise money to provide direct relief to those in our area.

While there are many amazing relief efforts in place, we do things differently. Our promise is to document where every dollar goes so that contributors see the people benefitting from this particular effort—we're handling every step firsthand. Very much up close and personal. How cool is that?

Please take a look and consider contributing. Every single dollar counts. By participating in this campaign, you're not making a random contribution that you hope is put to good use. Instead, you will see exactly how the money is spent and who benefits from your generosity and good will just in time for Thanksgiving.

Strangers helping strangers—it's one of the most amazing acts of grace among us.

Together our power will go far. Join us now on this mission.

So, please as a fellow M.O.M and NewJersian, please consider helping in this mission!

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