New Year, New M.O.Mentum with Heather Porter's Body Back!

It's a New Year and most people just try to get themselves back to the gym and 'in shape'.  Us M.O.Ms know that time and multitasking is essential to our everyday life and it's not just about 'getting in shape'.

I've recently enjoyed a new book called Body Back by Heather Porter.  As it states under the title, it really is a mother's handbook to medical, physical, and emotional well-being.  You don't have to be a brand new mom yearning to get your body back for this book to have meaning for you M.O.Ms. My baby is now 5 and going through her book brought me back to being the best ME and I can say my "M.O.Mentum" is back too!

Body Back is about making you feel like a woman again.

Celeb Mom, Jenny McCarthy also discovered her book:

Heather [Porter] does a fantastic job providing the tools and resources towards living healthy while reclaiming all the wonderful benefits of being a woman.”Jenny McCarthy, New York Times best-selling author, actress, and mother.

Just as Jenny was WOW’d I can assure you M.O.Ms that you will be just as impressed and will get your M.O.Mentum going this new year with Heather's book! Featuring tips from DIY beauty treatments (did you know Strawberries contain a natural astringent that whitens teeth) to advice for reducing stress, weight loss, natural home remedies (quick fact: Chamomile tea is a PMS rescue & reduces cramps), and beyond, Heather Porter has a quick fix for anything life throws your way, and when you're a M.O.M, that means anything and everything!

Meet M.O.M Heather Porter

Heather is a mom of four boys and stepmother to two girls. In addition to being an author and managing a bustling family, Heather is extremely dedicated to her charity work and running her own foundation which provides for children with disabilities.

Stay tuned and connected with M.O.M Heather.... there are more Body Back projects in the works!

twitter:  @body_back
facebook:  BodyBackBook

Here is our chat with Heather too:
What is your favorite “anywhere” exercise to do?  

“My favourite exercise that  I can do anywhere is to clench the 'butt' cheeks and squat up and down, these muscles tighten the behind. You can do 3 sets of 15 really quickly in the morning and evening. I also squat while I do other things like pick toys up, clean teeth etc. My favourite thing that can be done at home with a flight of stairs, is to walk up backwards (hold on) you will be surprised at how much more your legs feel it."

Do you find that moms feel guilty taking time for themselves? Most moms feel they have to take care of everyone else and not can they jumpstart this and realize they NEED to take care of MOM to better the whole family?

"Moms automatically seem to feel guilty if they take time out for themselves.  We are the most selfless piece of the family puzzle.  What Moms must remember is that if they don’t take time for themselves to relax, rest or follow a hobby, they can burn out and then the family suffers two fold.  Your priorities are at the bottom of the family list of priorities and that is true to family life.  The Mom keeps it together. However Mom needs to stay happy and healthy for the environment around her to be.  A tired, strung out, exhausted Mom is not conducive to happy family life.  So how to break the habit and feel more worthy of time out? You need to look after you. Find time somewhere in your week to do something you enjoy, whether it be a hobby, study, exercise, dinner with a girlfriend (let Daddy babysit), a manicure, the list goes on. Find the balance and everyone’s will be different.  You will feel better for it.”

Ok... M.O.Ms, are you ready to get your M.O.Mentum and Body Back???

We are here to help you kick start YOUR year and M.O.Mself!  Win your copy of Body Back with M.O.Mblog HERE >

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  1. need some m.o.mentum to kick start my year!

  2. A little motivation never hurt anyone. Looks like a great book!