Monday M.O.Ms-To-Mention > "Kt" Being Totally Awesome!

M.O.M Katie of  Kt Steppers, our founding M.O.M here, is our M.O.M to Mention this Monday!  Her company Kt Steppers is the winner of Red Tricycle's 2013 Totally Awesome Award for Eco-Friendly Decor presented by Zulily.

Congratulation's Katie and thank you to all those who voted and who continue to support M.O.M-owned!

Another reason to mention her, Kt Steppers was also pictured in People Magazine - the print addition!  If you check out the Sept.2nd (2013) issue of People Magazine you will see Celebrity Dad, Ian Ziering playing tea with his daughter Mia using her Kt Stepper in her room!

Check it out:

So, keep on promoting M.O.Ms!

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