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How do busy M.O.Ms get a workout in? Who better to ask then M.O.M Raquel "Rocky" Horsford of RockYourBest

Rocky is a Mother of a toddler, wife, cardio barre instructor, personal trainer, motivator, health coach, dancer, choreographer, actor, and fitness/lifestyle expert.  She completely understands how it feels to be overwhelmed with life and family. But in order to be good to the people you love, you have to be good to yourself.

Here is Rocky's day:
Soon as I drop off the kid off to school, I am off to some sort of fitness class. Yoga, Cardio, Dance, etc. (Me time) If I am not teaching myself!

If I cannot get to class for some reason. #1 I will do a 30min express home work out. 6 moves for 5 min. Turning up my favorite cardio music mix. And Go for it!!!! Keeping up to fast past music ie. 140/150 bps. really helps to keep your heart rate elevated and in a calorie burning phase. Or I may just roll out my mat do a great core pilates workout.

 Another little opportunity I have taken when I'm off taking the kiddo to his sports....... I try to work out too! For example for fall sports: I would run around the soccer field while my little one is at practice. At the end I cool down add some push ups, sit ups and stretch.

A couple of great things happen. #1 You just saved time and you have 1 hour to give it your Best! . #2 You inspired other parents to work out with you or at least think about it. #3 You've inspire your child and teaching them the importance of fitness #4 You no longer have to bring the soccer mom chair.

Meet Rocky:

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