{m.o.mFIT} Valerie & Her "In Shape, No Sweat" Moves

Valerie Orsoni, Healthy Living Expert and Founder of the online weight loss sensation LeBootCamp.com is here to share her signature "in shape, no sweat" moves for busy moms.

As a M.O.M herself, being busy with work, life and kids is 'no excuse' to be healthy and stay fit!

Below are Valerie's M.O.M Moves for at the office and incorporating during your daily M.O.M routine and errands:

 credits to Valerie Orsoni, Healthy Living Expert & Founder of LeBootCamp.com

during your daily rountine try these....

3-Second Butt Builder. Working mom? Each time you sit down in your office (or at home), stand back up before your butt actually hits the chair. The average person who works in an office stands up and sits back down on a chair at least 50 times a day. That’s 50 squats, and each one only takes three seconds! If you don't mind looking a little goofy in front of your co-workers, you could get in a good butt workout during the course of the day. 

Amazing Abs. Contract your abs as often as you think about it - this is your secret to a flat tummy! By constantly contracting your abdominal muscles (both higher and lower) during the day, you work on your “deep abs” without much effort at all: simply suck in your lower abs (just above the belt), and then continue to your middle and upper abs. Hold your ab contraction for one full minute. Doing housework? Suck in your abs! Sitting at your child’s school play? Suck in your abs! Reading this article? Suck in your abs! 

Wash the calories away. Don’t fret when your family’s breakfast and dinner dishes have exceeded the dishwasher’s capacity - there are some chores you are actually better off doing by hand! Did you know that washing dishes by hand will burn 78 calories per half hour? Knowing that a pound is about 3,500 calories, and assuming you will wash dishes for 30 mins over 45 days, you will have lost 1 pound without even knowing it....that's about 8 lbs a year! Now, doesn’t that make you adore the tower of plates in your kitchen sink?

Ditch the drive to school. Forget the carpooling once in a while; put on your sneakers and make the trip to school a fitness-friendly outing for the whole family by walking or biking! It’s super time for bonding with your little ones while giving you (and them!) a quick morning cardio session to get your heart pumping for the day.

Beautiful Biceps. Shopping? Carry your grocery bags with your arms at a 90-degree angle, elbow glued to your trunk. Voila! Your biceps will become defined in no time. 

Glorious Glutes. Spending long hours on the phone coordinating after-school recreational activities, play-dates, dentist appointments, and more? Contract your booty while you talk! Maximize your phone time by squeezing those glutes all conversation long - and go for the burn! When it’s bikini season again you’ll be grateful you did. 

Toned Triceps. Keep your arms toned with my signature standing push-ups. Whether you’re a stay-at-home or working-outside-the-home mom, every time you go to the restroom, take a moment to tone your triceps as follows: stand in front of a wall with your arms straight out at eye level. Place your palms on the wall and bend at the elbows to do 20 standing push-ups; push your body back from the wall harder each time, moving slowly and maintaining control. Increase the difficulty of this exercise by keeping your fingers off the wall, or by working on only one arm at a time.

for all of Valerie's tips and tricks, check out www.lebootcamp.com or read bestseller "Le Personal Coach - A French Trainer's Simple Secrets for Getting Fit & Slim without the Gym" published by Reader’s Digest. It's all of her tips for busy people packed into one easy-to-follow coaching guide.

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