{celebM.O.M} Tori is ‘Spelling it Like it Is’ for us M.O.Ms

Our M.O.M Next Door Tori is Spelling it All Out for Us!

Life is never boring at Tori’s house, but since her New York Times bestselling memoirs sTORI Telling, Mommywood, and Uncharted terriTORI, things have been especially unpredictable: Finding out she was pregnant with her third baby after nearly vomiting live on the Home Shopping Network; trying to hide her fourth pregnancy so soon after giving birth (as her stylist said, “who would be that crazy?”); being rescued from a paparazzo by a mom lynch mob; stalking her celebrity neighbor; and allowing cameras to film every personal detail of her life—from the most challenging time in her marriage to the only time in six years when she really felt as though those cameras invaded her privacy.

Tori shares these stories and many more with the usual humor, candor, and down-to-earth charm that her fans love. She also writes openly about her biggest challenges: the terrifying health problems surrounding her high-risk pregnancy with youngest son Finn, her guilt over missing baby Hattie’s early months because she was in the hospital on bed rest, her struggles (and failures) to live within her means after growing up in opulence, discovering how much she has in common with her late mega-producer father, Aaron Spelling, and falling in love with Dean all over again (hint: it didn’t happen at their vow renewal ceremony).

After years of intimately revealing her everyday antics onscreen, Tori’s life is still full of surprises. Slowing down long enough to enjoy them? Now that’s another sTORI. 

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Tori’s ‘Spelling it Like it Is’ for us M.O.Ms

M.O.M  ~ Life is definitely not boring for the queen of M.O.Ms(masters of multitasking), so why did  you decide to pen this 4th memoir book?  What are you ‘spelling’ out for us M.O.Ms ?

Tori~ I wanted to write this 4th installment of my life because I wanted to catch people up with our family. It's been so great over the years that peeps have related to the way I tell my stories. My readers and I have formed such a bond. And, M.O.M is a major talking platform for me. My life is M.O.M so I have alot of stories to tell! 

M.O.M ~  What was your favorite chapter to write?  Why and did you learn something new about yourself while revisiting situations you went through?

Tori~ my favorite chapter is a called "Somewhere that's Green". I made the most personal growth in that chapter . I was able to use that as a tool to get my life into perspective. I figured out that the "home" I've been searching for to fit our family was actually in my "heart". It was an amazing realization my husband help me come to. 

M.O.M ~ What are you ‘spelling’ out that may shock or surprise us?

Tori ~ I'm spelling out the reality behind my reality and reality tv and finally embracing that I'm Tori Spelling! Aaron Spelling's daughter. I spent half of my life apologizing for something I should be so proud of! I've finally come into my creative own and am becoming my fathers daughter! 

M.O.M ~ It seems you were able to be a master of multitasking during aspects of all life’s adventures that happen with you and the family, what lessons do you share in the book that you apply now as a M.O.M?

Tori ~ We learned to definitely find our moments as a couple. Life gets pretty fast paced with 4 babes and career so sadly the relationship takes a back seat. Dean and I have fought against that. We decided that no matter how crazy our days become to always make moments for each other. Whether its a glance, a kiss, or simply connecting with our eyes across the room and mouthing the words " I love you" .

M.O.M ~  So, we can clearly define you as certifiable M.O.M –  wife, mom, actress,crafter, blogger & author, business woman – now that your 4thbook is complete, what is the next venture or dream you would love to make happen? Did we hear following in your dad’s footsteps with a new project?

Tori ~yes! I'm definitely a creator at heart like my Dad. I talk about it in my book and now its all coming to fruition. I pitched an idea I wrote for an 1/2hr comedy series to ABC Family and now we are making the pilot. It's called "Mystery Girls" and reunites me with my former 90210 cast mate Jennie Garth. I think its a great script and we can't wait to start filming it!

M.O.M ~ Your M.O. M Motto that you live by is….

Tori ~Mom's Own Moments! We are such multi tasking warriors that we need to take deep breaths and step back daily and enjoy and find our moments. It's so important!   

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