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I’d like to introduce you to Heather Hans, a mystical healer, spiritual teacher, and host/creator of HeatherHansTV, a revolutionary new show bringing health and healing to its viewers.  A former tax accountant with a CPA and MBA, turned social worker, psychotherapist and intuitive coach, Heather has created a business dedicated to guiding others with grace, compassion, warmth, and wisdom to overcome fear and suffering, achieve radiant health and live their best life.

Heather's Top Tips to successfully realize your entrepreneurial dreams are:

·     Determine your deepest desires for your business. Your diligence and the laws of energy will work in your favor once you become certain of your goals. The key is to select goals that are truly in line with your values.

·     Set healthy boundaries. The less you accommodate others and the more you tend to yourself, and the goals you have set, the happier and healthier everyone will be.

·     Build a foundation of health. Develop a healthy mind, body, and soul as a foundation. Success is hard to achieve when the ills of the mind, body and soul are clamoring for attention.

·     Develop a business mind and be brave. Goals are achieved through plans, action, organization, seizing of opportunities and results. Also, learn to dismiss the many voices that will try to sabotage you and criticize your big dreams. Having courage does not mean that you are not scared of the unknown. It means, even though you are scared, you persevere anyway.

·     Have fun and let your inner child shine! Take moments to recharge. When you have fun you relax, and when you relax you have renewed energy and are inspired with creative ideas and solutions.

·     You must believe. Our thoughts are the beginning of our desires manifested. All successes that you have already achieved are a result of your belief that you could to it. Success in achieving your desires brings great happiness.

Meet M.O.M-to-Mention Heather Hans
 Heather has been praised as being a natural with children and has tended to them her whole life. She gave birth to her son in 2005, and motherhood has been her greatest work and deepest love. Though she excelled at various careers and pursuits, uplifting others is where she thrives. She comes from a long line of artists and entertainers, and has used her own humor and creativity to overcome personal challenges and bring others joy.

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