{celebM.O.M} Our M.O.M Next Door Who Explains it All is Melissa Joan Hart!

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Our M.O.M Next Door Who Explains it All!

People can relate to Melissa as the “girl next door”. We all watched Melissa grow up and become a woman through media outlets. We’ve seen her grow and change, and as a result we connect with her unlike any other adult celebrity.

"Girl next door' to our 'm.o.m next door', we call her our friend and can only be inspired by all she has accomplished right in front of our eyes. From 'Explaining it All' as Clarissa to working her magic on screen as Sabrina.  Melissa not only masters acting but added dancer, entrepreneur with a production company and a Sweets Shop and now author all while raising a family. I think we can all agree....a Master Of Multitasking (aka M.O.M)!

Let Melissa Explain it All 


M.O.M  ~  While pregnant with Tucker you decided to pen your book, why was it time to ‘Explain it All’?

MJH ~  "people have been asking me to write a book for years but I never really thought I had stories to tell. But then I realized I was doing just that, telling my friends stories. Actually I really wish Rob Lowe hadn't titled his book Stories I Only Tell my Friends, because that is what I felt I was doing with this book.  These were really stories that my friends  knew about me that the public didn't and felt like it was time to share.  So, while I was pregnant with Tucker, I had some time to myself and wanted it to be done before the baby arrived but I had 3 chapters to complete though after he was born."

M.O.M ~  What was your favorite chapter(s) to write?  why 

MJH ~ "pretty much the one about my mother made me the most nervous, just because I wanted it to be honest about our relationship.. I was very suggestive about some of the things that I said. When I actually wrote it, I read it back to her. I wanted to read it to her and not her to read it without me, so I read it to her so I could explain it as I went along.  She ended up LOVING it!  So, of course, I worried for nothing.

The chapter about my husband Mark was probably the easiest.  There was so much I wrote with details that were so long ago, so the stuff about my husband was so fresh and new...how we met, how we fell in love, now that was just fun to write.  It made me fall in love with him all over again.  It was like re-living it all from the beginning (of 'us')." 

M.O.M ~ Some people seemed shocked that you managed to be ‘normal’ growing up in an industry that can be tough for a child star.  By normal, I mean experiencing partying, experimenting , kissing boys, etc… How do you explain not spiraling out of control or at least understanding the boundaries of growing up in the industry?

MJH ~ "I didn't leave out anything.  I put in all my mistakes, all of my, you know, 'normal' growing pains that you go through. Everything from my parents divorce, staying out a little too much, partying a little too much, but I never let anything effect my work. 

I've always been a very responsible person, I think because I'm the oldest of 7 kids.  I'm well aware of where I stand.. I never not had someone leaning on me, or to not be professional or to not be helpful..and so I was never out of control!  

I was very grounded. It was my family, but mostly about the people I surrounded myself with. I pick people that make you who you are with great qualities.  Its my mother, its my sister, its my husband, my best friend and that's who I surround(ed) myself with." 

M.O.M ~ It seems you were able to be a master of multitasking back then as well, and you don't seem to have stopped!

MJH ~ "I think I've always been a very good multitasker. I don't like to just sit still, I'd be bored. I like to stay very very busy.. it's like I'm reading a book, but also on the internet and looking up the current news all at the same time...I just don't know if I have the patience to sit still!"

M.O.M ~  So, we can clearly define you as certifiable M.O.M –  wife, mom, actress,director,producer, writer & author, dancer,business woman – now that your book is complete, what is the next venture or dream you would love to make happen?

MJH ~ "Party Planning.  I feel like throwing parties!  It would be a fun, fun career to have. I would love to help people plan a party.  I LOVE planning parties.  I had so much fun with my son's (Tucker) first birthday party."

I don't know about you, but if you follow Melissa, a Party Planning next venture would be icing on the cake for this M.O.M! She certainly has proved she can be a success and has the drive to accomplish any goal she sets out to master!

Thanks to M.O.M Melissa for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us.. in true M.O.M fashion to juggle all my M.O.M duties, I pulled into my 6yro's soccer field and brought him to the coach, gave my 8yro the Kindle and put him on the bench to read/play minecraft and I parked the car keeping eyes on my boys in front of me and pen in hand while I put my call on speaker.  A day in the life of a M.O.M!

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