m.o.mTIPS{entrepreneurs} Secret agents, mystery, science and imagination!

What kid doesn't love mystery and Top Secret missions? How cool would it be to get a secret mission in the mail every month?!


With a little inspiration, and a little research by me, my eight-year-old son Michael created a Top Secret company that he loves to talk about! Kids can dream up the coolest ideas and this one is by far my favorite idea yet.

With the help of his three sisters (ages 6, 4, and 18 months), we have perfected dozens of exciting adventures that we want to share with every kid in the universe! :) 

Our family has always been a group that thinks outside of the box, and while Michael dreams of having his own website, creating an app for the company and adding free games to play online, we have taken our first humble step to becoming a real company...opening up our etsy shop. Try out our missions... it's easy, organic fun created by children with limitless creativity and is guaranteed to encourage other children to expand their minds!

Meet our m.o.mTIPS Contributor

Lisa and Michael
My advice to moms starting a new company: tell every single person you know and meet about your company and I mean EVERYONE... cashiers at grocery stores, the mailman, the person standing in line for bathroom!  You can't make sales if no one knows about your product.

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