{#TBT} One of Our First Celeb M.O.M Interviews with M.O.M Denise Richards

#ThrowBackThursday Celeb Features

What can we say, except Denise Richards is sharing her secrets to being a Master Multitasker with our M.O.M community and we couldn’t be more excited to inspire you with her M.O.M feature.

Denise is truly one of today’s Mom Icons. Not only is she a well known actress and model but she is recognized as “devoted mom to Sami and Lola.”

Denise is a true M.O.M inspiration, a successful woman and raising her girls as a single mom. Just in the last year alone we’ve seen her passion and dedication for animals and their welfare, her ‘dancing with the stars’, her blogging with ModernMom.com, writing a book and filming a few new roles! Wow, can we say M.O.M!!

So Let’s Meet Denise Richards
Now, Now, you truly are a M.O.M(master of multitasking). Anyone who follows you on twitter can agree to that fact!! So, let us M.O.Ms hear how you continue to manage it all and keep adding to your resume!

M.O.M Katie ~ First, thank you for taking the time to share with our growing community of m.o.ms some of your secrets and insights on being a M.O.M. As you know, women wear many hats these days, from mom, friend, daughter, actress, cook, etc… how do you manage your day with all these hats? Do you find it easier now with the girl’s at the ages they are or was it easier when they were younger? 

Denise ~My first priority are my daughters, and I schedule everything around them. In some ways, it’s easier for me to go back to work now that my girls are in school. When they were infants, I did not want to work as much, I wanted to be just a mom. They’re at an age where they can play together and have dance or gymnastics. They stay busy.

M.O.M Katie ~ Who or what inspires you to be a successful M.O.M, whether it be for business or for personal goals? Why do they?

Denise ~ My Mom was always my biggest supporter, encouraging me to pursue my dreams. My daughters give me the strength to be a great role model for them. I want to set an example for my daughters to always take risks, to try something new, even if they are afraid or nervous. It’s important to not let fear stop you from doing something challenging.

M.O.M Katie ~ It’s so important to remember ourselves, for sanity’s sake but Most of us M.O.Ms dream BIG and move at high speed without stopping…… how do you make sure you still have time for ‘you’ and the ‘me’ time? 

Denise ~ At times, it is difficult to have “me” time, especially being a single Mom, but I feel it is important to find a balance. I do find time for “me”. There is a group of us women, we call ourselves the “Supper Club”, myself, Lisa Rinna, Nancy O’Dell,Ali Landry, Ali Sweeney, Holly Peete, and Candace Bure. Once a month, we do a potluck dinner. It’s so wonderful for us to have that “me” time. We have our first “Supper Club’ weekend mommy getaway coming up. I’m really excited.

M.O.M Katie ~ Now, as a non-stop M.O.M, we hear some good things coming down the road. Can you tell us what to expect with your book and new acting roles we will be seeing you in?  

Denise ~ I am writing a book, not a “tell all”. Everyone asks me how I got thru a difficult time. I hope this book will inspire many that are going thru a challenging time. I finished a film I’m excited about, working on a couple of product deals, and most recently, I’m doing an arc on Spike’s Comedy “Blue Mountain State”. And of course, the charity work I do for Animal Rescue and Kidney Cancer (my Mom lost her battle with it 2 years ago). 

We want to thank you again for your time to chat and helping us see the amazing M.O.M you are and will be sure to incorporate your ‘secrets’ to success within our own M.O.M lives. 

Lot’s more on the horizon for our M.O.M Denise Richards. Make sure to follow and to continue to be inspired by her on twitter @denise_richards too.

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