{Tuesday Tips} 4 Bad Small Biz Habits to Avoid

Thanks to Forbes Contributor and fellow M.O.M Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle for sharing such great advice and tips for Small Business Owners on avoiding common bad habits for SBO's.

"Brother’s 2015 Small Business Survey  offered insight to some of the top bad habits among small businesses, noting the below four as popular habits that small business owners want to break. 

Bad Business Habit #1: Taking on too many roles and responsibilities

Bad Business Habit #2: Not taking enough time of

Bad Business Habit #3: Not separating work and personal life

Bad Business Habit #4: Micromanaging

With respondents reporting that time off is a priority and finding work/life balance is important, as well, it seems like a natural fit that technology is an investment small businesses are looking to make."

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bio on M.O.M Nicole (courtesy of forbes.com):

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