'Stepping' It Up for Great Causes

Small Business can be heard and DO make a difference, so we decided to 'Step it Up' too. 

When I started Kt Steppers 2 years ago, I thought, how great would it be to give back or 'do something' with the company I started that will make a difference not only for my family but for the amazing foundations and organizations that are out there.  While, I'm no where close to being able to support as much as I would like, do know, any amount of support to a charity or organization that is close to your heart helps in tremendous ways.

Easy first step, I decided to introduce a charity line of steppers where I could support directly from each purchase of that specified stepper design to the charity it was designed for.  We are also going to host an online auction of that chartity stepper a few times a year to gain more awareness and support for them.

We hope to continue to add on a regular basis to our Charity Line of Steppers but here you can see who we are proudly supporting today! http://www.ktsteppers.com/utilitysteppers.html

The Lily Stepper
SUPPORTING ALEX's LEMONADE STAND FOUNDATION for CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH. For direct donations visit Lily's Lemonade Stand Page: www.alexslemonade.org/stands/9214

BBAF Tic Tac Toe Stepper (Practical Step Stool Use and Interactive Family Fun w/Felt X's&O's) 

 Proudly Supporting Bailey Baio Angel Foundation for Research & Awareness of the Importance of Newborn Screening. Direct donations: http://www.baileybaioangelfoundation.com/

The Pink Ribbon TicTacToe


We were also honored to put together some great auction baskets for amazing events as well, so there are so many ways to show your support and make a difference as a group or individually. 
‘Delicious’ Mommy & Baby Bag for Auction with a Signed Copy of Nancy O’Dell’s book “Full of Life” to Support the MDA and their Annual Jerry Lewis Telethon Online Auction
Jessica Simpson Must–Haves for the Family basket for auction with Operation Smilehttp://prlog.org/10339378

Bailey Baio Angel Foundation ~ Angel Boy & Angel Girl Auction Baskets.  Scott Baio 50th Birthday & Foundation Silent Auction Event. Sept 2010

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  1. I am excited to be donating several items for a silent auction on June 25th in support of Autism Research. Friends of ours have a son with Autism and they have organized an amazing golf tournament in his honor called "Hit it Farr for Kirby". The tournament has raised over $62,000 in its first three years with 100% of the money going to Autism research. I have personally worked with Kirby for several years at church in choir, Sunday School and VBS and he is a loving talented child who we all adore. Thanks Katie for allowing me to share information about a cause that is close to my heart :) For more information on the tournament and Autism research please check out their website here: http://www.hititfarr4kirby.org/