What's a HARO?

Ok, have you heard the word HARO?  Sure,you've seen it, heard it, and you know people are using it but dont know what a HARO is?  You are not alone!

I'm not afraid to say, up until a couple of months ago, HARO was a foreign word and term to me.  But as a small business owner looking for avenues to promote my company and brand, I did what my husband always tells me... Google it!  Now, I look forward to getting my 'HARO' 3 times a day.

What is HARO?  HARO is an acronym for : Help A Reporter Out  - there you go! 

What to do now that you know HARO means?  Sign up, its free: http://www.helpareporter.com/ you can get emails with lists of requests from all media outlets looking for content to 'report' on.   This is a great outlet to utilize and to help promote yourself, product, brand and company.   Master your pitch heres, spin your product and service to fit their story, it also help you think of new avenues where your product may fit into that you didn't even think of!

Here are a few examples of how HARO got me (Kt Steppers) some GREAT press!

You can also check out our press page for more examples : http://www.ktsteppers.com/promotions.html

Dont be afraid to reply to a HARO request, it's a great way to learn to perfect your pitch and promote your product and company!

Another *free* pitch site that I am checking out now is called Pitchrate.com.  Seems like it has the same direction and resource as HARO, so pitch away there too!

Feel free to share your successes and/or suggestions for promotion as well.

Good Luck and Happy Promoting!

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