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Small Businesses with little or no budget for promotion seems to be a common thread when networking with other 'm.o.m companies'.  There are plenty of resources right at your finger tips though, so dont give up. 

Start here with some of my favorite *free* sites and see the traffic to your website increase, plus they are true 'M.O.Ms' themselves.  The following sites help promote, list and invite you to network with your fellow 'preneurs' to ensure the 'word' gets around about your company, product or service.

Promote, List, and Network here first:

Marketmommies will connect moms in business with moms who need their services and products.  This is a great resource for any Mom-business out there.  List for free in their directories. Toni is all about promoting the sahm/wahm and their mom-owned biz!

Toni also makes it easy to network and hear all about the mom businesses she supports with her 'twitter' link up and Facebook Fan page promotions.

Kt Steppers has been featured and promoted on MarketMommies and the traffic to our site is steady and constant directly from links through

Here are some of our MarketMommies Press:
Links for MarketMommies: ; @marketmommies on Twitter; facebook/marketmommies

We are not just your typical list your business site and then you never hear from us again! Abbey wants to make sure that all the MoMBusinesses she works with have an opportunity to share what is going on in their world with her readers. She also makes sure that Your listing is personalized towards your business so that her readers have a better understanding of how you started your business and the story behind the MoM (or DaD).

Your listing will also include any sales that you have going on and ways to connect to you through your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Handle. If this isn't enough, all the paid for advertising that she provides on Living My MoMent is more than just a button or banner ad floating around on Cyber Space, you get extra promotion and advertising that you wouldn't normally get when advertising on other sites. So, come check us out and be a part of a community of MoMs (and DaDs) that are committed to helping the Small Businesses of the World succeed!

Links to follow:; Twitter: @LivingMyMoMent;   Facebook: Living My Moment

More Great Promotional Sites with minimal or no fees for some services as well to help jump start promoting your business:
Womentorz™ is a marketplace of the latest inventions made by women where each inventor has their own storefront. Visitors are given a wonderful place to find unique gifts and interesting gadgets that solve problems in daily life in one, easy to navigate online forum. Every product listed is supporting a network of creative women and sustaining their independence.

Kt Steppers is a member of Womentorz and I love all the promotion and future possibilities this network has to offer.  Some of the great promotion received from Womentorz was being highlighted in their Inventor Spotlight:

Links for Womentorz:; on twitter: @womentorz; on Facebook/womentorz

Founded in 2005, Mommy Perks is now a well known resource for parents and small business owners. We are a family of 5 websites and have grown steadily in number and membership over the last few years. We offer affordable PR, advertising, networking, parenting and business articles, tips, ideas, crafts and more. Every business listed with us offers a PERK to the shoppers. Site membership is free. Come join our growing family!

Links to follow:; on twitter: @mommyperks; facebook/mommyperks

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