Kt Steppers ~ Why Being a MOMpreneur Means The World to Me

It gives me such pride as a Mom and Mompreneur to celebrate my 2yr anniversary for Kt Steppers. I wanted to introduce to my community and network of M.O.Ms a little history on me,my company and the successes I've had in just 2 years while being a M.O.M.

So, why is being called a Mom-Owned Company or Mompreneur magic to my ears?  Well, I don’t know many people who can say this, but I actually had brain surgery when I was 22. I had a benign (thank goodness) brain tumor which was on my pituitary gland. Apparently it had been growing for many years. It was too large that surgery was needed to remove it before it continued to affect my vision and pituitary functions even more.

This was found the summer before my junior year in college, so you can say my life, my vision, and my future plans all came to a hault then. Headaches, vision problems, and lactation were just a few symptoms I encountered before the news was given that I indeed had a brain tumor.

The pituitary gland can sometimes be called the ‘master gland’, for being the size of a pea it certainly controls and produces many hormones needed for a woman, especially the hormones associated with the menstrual cycle & other stimulating hormones that could effect getting & being pregnant. This is the information I was given and have read when I found out what was wrong. Being 22 and not have had a child, I didn’t know why I was lactating or even what that was, so that was the tell-tale sign that something was going on in my brain.

Because of where the tumor was, the possibility of not having children could have been very difficult especially if it was any larger and affected more of the pituitary functions that go along with it.

So, as you can imagine I am a very PROUD mom-owned, children’s inspired online gift boutique. I always thought I would be a ‘Working Mother’ but never imagined it would be for my own company and have the words touch me so deeply.

One of my favorite testimonies to date is from a mom who’s daughter has Down Syndrome and they have low muscle tone. “The stepper helps her coordinate her gross motor skills and balance. She uses her stepper to get up on the couch since she is still too short to get up. She is doing really well with it. She uses it to step up and down without using her hands which is huge progress for her. " So not only are our steppers a great gift and practical for the toddler ages, but they are helping in other areas of development I never even thought of. Stories like this make me extremely proud to know that not only are they great gifts, personal and unique, but have such a practical, functional use.

My business has blossomed and grown in just two years on the east coast, and we are also being recognized all over the country. This past Christmas, Kt Steppers made their National TV Debut on E! News with Giuliana Rancic’s Gift Guide segment (http://bit.ly/72VupJ ) and we couldn’t have been more honored.

We are pursuing and in talks with many other retail outlets to sell our steppers so that you will be able to find them in your local boutiques, larger well-known retailers and specialty gift stores as well. Kt Steppers will be a household item and must-have for any home with children.

There was such a great need for that “special something” to give as a gift for a birth, birthday, or to add as a personal touch to a baby registry item. Our ‘Steppers’ seem to have become that special, custom and truly personal way to say “You’re one of a kind!”  Lately I’ve been labeled as making the ‘stepper’ to the stars because they are being well received out in Hollywood and seem to be loving them.

So, here was my story and I hope to share best pracitces I've learned with you all in this blog and we continue to grow and become successful M.O.Mpreneurs together!

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  1. YAY Katie!!! I am beyond thrilled with your new venture, blogging!! I am deeply honored to call you a fellow Mompreneur, colleague & friend ;-) Kudos to you for all your hard work & all the success & happiness it has brought with it!!