Tyring to Build That Buzz?

Whether you are a new or seasoned company, promotion and finding the correct avenues to building your brand is KEY!   There are some great tools and sites that help you literally build your own buzz with just a 'click of a button'.  Really... you just need to add your email addy and press send and you get tips, tools and ways to promote yourself right in your email inbox.

As a small mom-owned business, most of us are the Directors of Marketing and Public Relations as well, but do know there are ways to budget and use other companies to help you get your maximum exposure or atleast exposed to the right audience to promote in ways you may not have thought of.

Here are some of my favorite sites/companies and what they offer us M.O.Mpreneurs:

 Retail Minded (www.retailminded.com) "Whether you are just starting out, trying to stay afloat, or simply want to improve what you already have going on, Retail Minded is your source for trusted support when it comes to your retail and wholesale needs."   Retail Minded was founded by a mom and can relate to us in so many ways.  Nicole is great to deal with and is an expert in her field.  Not only does the Retail Minded Blog showcase valuable support & resources, the site itself offers a wide variety of services that we all need.  Looking to present Buyer's Packets or Press/Media Kits?  Retail Minded can consult, build and complete the process for you. So check out her site for more information and follow on twitter: @retailminded

 Build-A-Buzz (http://buildabuzz.wordpress.com/) "is a new service that provides valuable tips for companies that are looking to maximize their PR efforts. Build-A-Buzz’s first launch is the Daily Buzz Newsletter with free PR advice that will show you how to build awareness for your brand, one tip at a time. Build-A-Buzz is the brainchild of Marina Echavarria, a 20 year PR veteran and owner of Realm Media Productions, Inc., a PR Consultancy based in the New York area. Her expertise and those of PR Pros around the country will be offered free of charge via Daily Buzz. So Sign Up below and Get Buzzin’! This has been great, I get my 'daily buzz tip' right in my inbox and usually use that tip and they are always right on the 'money'.  Sign up for your Daily Buzz here: http://buildabuzz.wordpress.com/

The Entreprenette herself, Sarah Shaw helps guide you from taking your 'big idea' from concept to reality.  "Sarah Shaw is an information "junkie" and the ultimate go-to girl for everything -- from which stores are the best to approach first, to how to calculate your margins, to best manufacturer. Translating ideas into action is her strength, and she lends her wisdom willingly to those who have brilliant ideas and want to turn them into gold!"  Another avenue Sarah helps us M.O.Mpreneurs is with her 'Instantly Famous Products' opportunities. This is a new exclusive free service that connects clothing and accessory designers to Movies and TV Shows through the costume department. Again, all with a click of button you can get an email with the opportunity and 'voila' you have just submitted your product for consideration.  Here is the link to sign up to be part of "Instantly Famous Products" http://instantlyfamousproducts.com
For More ways to follow and learn about the Entreprenette you can:  follow on twitter @entreprenette; Website: http://www.entreprenette.com/; Blog:http://www.theentreprenettegazette.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/entreprenette

Ready to work with a PR company for a personal and focused approach to public relations and knows how hard we mompreneurs work at building our brand and company?  Well, take some of the pressure off yourself and let the professionals guide you.  

Triple 7 PR (www.triple7pr.com) has over 15 years of experience in corporate, film, television, book, music, fashion/beauty, sports/fitness and personal publicity, Carrie Simons and her team at Triple 7 Public Relations LLC take a personal and focused approach to their clients with a common goal of creating innovative and comprehensive campaigns that include both grassroots and high concept ideas and execution.

Recently nominated by the Nashville Business Journal for the 2010 Best in Business list, Triple 7 is the only boutique communications company to be based in Los Angeles and Nashville, with additional affiliated offices in New York. Triple 7 affords clients the unique opportunity to reach both Hollywood and "The Heartland," with focuses on corporate consulting, brand development and entertainment publicity.
One of their clients is none other than Myzos! The fastest growing, popular brand driven and started by a Mompreneur and her kids. Triple7 PR helped launch this Mompreneur's "Leading fashion bracelets brand for the tween market with exclusive product at Disney retail" into all of our homes!
follow and connect with Triple7 PR on twitter: @triple7pr

These are just a few of my favorites, so I hope they help you 'build your buzz' and guide you to some great resources to help do that today.

Happy Promoting!

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