Really... It's July and We're Getting Ready For The Holiday Season?

You heard right,it's July and it's Holiday Season!

Maybe the saying "Christmas in July" came from a retail business owner because yesterday was the first of July and as small business owners with a product to sell, we are in the 'throws' of pitching our product(s) for the holiday gift guides.  

As, I've only been involved in one season of pitching (last year being the first), I didn't know the process or really that there was such a 'pitch' season to be involved in.  Even 'participating'  late in the season, I was able make it on National TV with E!News for G's Holiday Gift Guide Segment and Kt Steppers was also included in a handful of gift guides and blogs promoting our steppers as great 'must-have' gifts (The Family Groove, The Work At Home Woman, Bump to Baby & Beyond, and more).

So, after last season, I realized...Ok,it's January 1 and I need to make lists, find contacts in the media (all outlets..TV, magazines, and internet)and actually start working on my pitch for the upcoming 2010 Holidays!

May seem crazy, but if you are like me, wearing many hats of being mom-owned, a manufacturer, creative director, painter, product development manager, director of public relations and marketing, and now editor of our blog, you can see it will take a 6 good months to make and network with such media outlets so that you find best contacts, derive a direct, organized and meaningful pitch that makes sense to be included in their Holiday Gift Guide.

Learning the 'in's and out's' of publications, TV, all sorts of media outlets is no easy task, so the most important piece of the puzzle was finding out WHEN to pitch and WHEN they are looking for YOUR gift to be included and introduced to them for the upcoming holidays. 

What I wanted to share is that I found most of the written publications are looking for gift guide inclusions about 5-6months in advance. So, it seems.... 'Christmas is really in July'!!  For some TV and online media outlets time-lines for content are closer to 1-3months prior. Make your lists and get on your creative hats, because your pitch is it.  Spin what you can to make your product fit their audience, now is time for that 4th quarter marketing strategy and to end the year with a Bang!

Here is a great link from The Mogul Mom to get your juices flowing and learn 5 GREAT Tips to Get Your Product into 2010 Holiday Guides: 

As I've learned from my sales background, for every 10 'No's' you receive there is 'Yes' in the waiting! Don't be shy about sending your personalized (yes, make it personal to the contact of interest do NOT just SPAM) and target your pitch to as many outlet's as possible.  What's the worst that can happen?  it just doesn't get used or recognized?  The pitch is something to be perfected, so every year is a learning curve especially for us M.O.Mpreneurs and doing it yourself.

Our network of M.O.Mpreneurs is amazing and huge. So, please share your tips or insights you have found with our community and we can make this Holiday Season a success for everyone!  Like the song, "making a list and checking it twice"  should be the motto for the season!

For media lists compiled that might be of interest to your company, feel free to email: and we will be happy to advise of pricing to receive our list and contacts included.

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  1. Katie, it is so hard to be thinking about Christmas in July but you are so right. Thanks for the reminder!!