To Ask for Help or Not to Ask... That is the question!

Small company,small budget.  Big expense, big-time exposure?  Do these go hand in hand?

As we travel down this road of Mom-Owned, we see the BIG picture, or at least you should have the big picture in mind when you start a company, there usually is a time frame and goal for the small company and it's course.  You know the direction and where you want you want your company to go.

I have to say, I'm at a cross-roads with mine. The saying 'you have to spend money to make money' comes to mind.  I have a very hard time 'giving up' responsibility and delegating tasks to others.  Anyone else? I know you are out there.  

It obviously comes from owning a company and running it solo for 2 years. So, now when is the time to 'ask for help'?   I know I need to but why cant I just jump ship and pass along the hardest part of running the business... the promotion and pr.  It would be such a relief, right?  I could focus on production, maybe new product lines, putting my feet up (well, that probably would never happen anyway with a 5 & 3 year old), but it would absolutely take some pressure off me.

The fear is about putting the confidence in someone else, believing that they too will have the same passion and drive to promote my products and company. I have communicated, networked, met and LIKE many of the hard-working, successful PR professionals and companies that are available, that is not the problem.   

I've even done a pretty good job promoting and getting our brand out there in the last year myself.   We were featured on's Celeb Moms & Babies, E!News Holiday Gift Guide (nat'l TV), in The Nest Magazine, some amazing blogs, TV News features, and more, just look at our press page : Kt Steppers Press & News Worthy 

Here's the but..... but like many of you with some great exposure and brand promotion, how do you use that promotion to get your company to the next level? What do you do with it?  Does spending the $$ for PR = big time exposure, not sure.  There are no guarantees with anything in business life, but sending samples and 'trying' to find the best media contact and outlet takes time and money too.  If I add all that up and doing it on 'off' hours, it takes much longer and may even cost more money too in the long run.

I've decided this is not something to rush into, but it will be my answer to 'ask for help or not to ask for help'..... ask for help!  This might be the biggest expense for a small company, but it also might be the biggest jump from being a small company to a medium, to a big company.
So the search is on for Kt Steppers. Who will best represent us?  I will be sharing the research and PR assets I come to find.

PLEASE comment and share your PR stories, favorite firms and decisions you make or have made so that we can all learn and grow together.


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