M.O.Mpreneur's Giving Up? Not on the Biz ....See What's Got To Go or Has Been Given Up

M.O.M = Master of Multitasking!

I've said it before and still fee the same... being a mom is the hardest job I've ever had!  It's the most rewarding,incredible, and most fulfilling job as well.  I couldn't imagine not being a mom.  But with all this said and announced, some people ask, then why throw more at yourself by starting a business?

We are very fortunate today as women and mothers to have many choices and the support to go along with them. I, like many of my fellow mompreneurs, have discovered the personal and professional fulfillment of doing both- working and being home with my children.  Think about it, being pregnant and becoming a mom inspired all of us to pursue our business dreams and develop the right product and niche to make it a successful venture.  But this doesn't come with out a price.

So, what have us 'M.O.Mpreneurs' given up to make this dream a reality?

Katie O'Neill, President of Kt Steppers, llc
Having my own company and being a 'mompreneur' is such an accomplishment.  I founded Kt Steppers two years ago in June.  I had my two boys, 3 and 1 at the time, so I actually thought, 'ahh my oldest will be in preschool two mornings a week', there is some time to build a company!  Ha, any mother knows, daylight hours are really not 'free' work hours.  So, I guess you could say the best way for me to balance work & motherhood would be to give up 'my sleep', needed to work at night.  In a way, starting a company is like having another baby!  You don't sleep at night anyway, and if you do shut your eyes, it's never more than 3hrs at a time (usually a typical newborn feeding schedule), then an image or strategy comes to mind where you have to get up to work on it or write it down, so getting back to sleep is a bit of a struggle.  As any mother knows, we wouldn't give up the sleepness nights for anything either.  So, I'm proud to wish my 'baby' a happy two year and actually hope for many more sleepless nights with Kt Steppers.

 Melinda Knight, Owner of Womentorz
I could not give up being a full-time mom for my children.  It’s very challenging to try to juggle being a mother and running several businesses, but it kills me to have someone come into my house and watch my kids for me.  I don’t think less of anyone who has help and many times think I should get more myself.  Every so often it’s imperative that I have childcare, but otherwise it’s completely on me 100% of the time.  Much of this is due to cost.  I make sure I get as much finished before they get up in the morning and take lots of breaks to give them attention.  It isn’t easy.  I’m looking forward to when both children are in school.

In order to run/start my business I’ve given up sleep and my health.  The first six months were the toughest because I was the most unhealthy I’ve ever been.  I was in the emergency room at least twice during the winter months.  Now that I’m on a more regular schedule I’m hoping that flu season won’t hit me so hard.  I’m still sleep deprived, but that’s normal for me.  The stress of starting a business is what put me over the edge.  Things are doing much better now that Womentorz is on a roll.

Being a stay-at-home Mom of my 3 kids has been such a blessing and I can’t imagine missing all that precious time. So for me, starting my own business has been a wonderful opportunity and so rewarding, but there are times I miss having nothing more to do than play with my kids.  The rewards of having a business and being at home are perfect for me because it allows me to juggle my time so I can have both. 
I could never completely give up being a stay-at-home Mom.  Since my 3 children are still young, starting my own business has meant giving up my “free” time.  I don’t get to read books, exercise, volunteer and watch TV as much as I use too.  I use to spend a lot more time doing things that I enjoyed, but instead that time is used running my business.  I hope as the business grows and becomes more established that I will be able to do more activities that I use to enjoy. 

Moms are truly remarkable.. aren't they? Not only is being a mom a 24/7 job, but the common denominator here is, being a mom will always come first. We did not 'give up' being a mom for our businesses.

Most of us M.O.Ms were working prior to starting our families too,so I think there is always that desire and drive to keep your sanity about who you are and what you were in your 'past life'.  We all know that our kids will grow up and be out of the house and the possibility of hitting the 'real' workplace is there, so having your own business definitely keeps your feet in the doors for more opportunities for your own company or elsewhere.

If you are a M.O.Mpreneur.... share what you have given up! 

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