Be Inspired By Celeb M.O.M Nancy O'Dell

We are more than thrilled to talk to Nancy O’Dell,  former Access Hollywood Co-Anchor and author of Full Of Life:Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Pregnant.  She most importantly is also recognized as Mom to Ashby who just turned 3!  

Nancy is a true Momprenuer and successful business woman.  This year she acts as a Rusk Spokesperson, started her own Jewelry Line/Designs for QVC and debuted her outdoor furniture line: Red Carpet by Nancy O’Dell.   Nancy recently ‘tweeted’ about her soon to be seen Scrapbooking line as well… can we same M.O.M!!

Let’s Meet Nancy O’Dell
Now, you truly were a M.O.M(master of multitasking) before kids, but now that you are a ‘mom’ M.O.M with Ashby we wanted to welcome you also to the widely growing community of Mompreneurs!  So, let us M.O.Ms hear how you continue to manage it all and keep adding to your resume!

M.O.M Katie ~ Congratulations on Red Carpet and your Jewelry line for QVC!  So,what do you think about being called a Mompreneur? What does that mean to you?    

M.O.M Nancy ~ I'm more flattered than anything else.  It's a nice title because I feel it is an honor being called a Mompreneur.  To me, it means you can manage a busy work/career schedule, while being a very dedicated mom at the same time.  With my Red Carpet furniture line (Red Carpet By Nancy O’Dell) and QVC jewelry line (The Nancy O’Dell Collection), being the spokesperson for RUSK Professional Hair Care, while also covering the red carpet,  I'm constantly on the go.  It's an exciting time for me, putting my passion for design into my outdoor furniture collection and jewelry, while also venturing into new TV projects.  But, what's MOST important to me is being a mom!  I have two step-sons and my baby girl and I'm raising my daughter to be a strong, independent woman.  I want Ashby to see that you can do both if that is what you choose. She can have a career and raise a family, be successful at both and she doesn't have to sacrifice being a very involved mom.

M.O.M Katie ~ What can you say, if any yet, is the hardest part about your role as mom and/or stay at home working mom now?

M.O.M Nancy ~ I know a lot of moms are going to relate when I say trying to balance your work life while being a mom can sometimes be one big guilt trip.  I know, at times, it has been for me. And when I interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama, she told me that she struggles with the mom guilt too.  When she was on the campaign trail and away from her kids, she said she felt guilty not being with them, but when she wasn't with her husband on the campaign trail, she felt guilty about not being with him. My husband, Keith, once gave me a great piece of advice.  He said, "You need to live in the moment -- regardless of whatever decision you make. If you decide to miss a work something to go to a kid's event, don't fret your boss will be mad. You made the decision, so don't waste this precious time or ruin the moment by not being in it."  Working women tend to spend so much time thinking about everything that is going on in their lives that they don't live in the moment. You should enjoy the time you're with your children because time really does go by so quickly. 

M.O.M Katie ~There is a struggle many moms have, whether to stay home or go back to corp life, do you think being a mom to Ashby has changed your vision or drive to be successful as a business woman or made it stronger?

M.O.M Nancy ~ Being a mom has definitely changed my view of work.  Since I've become a mom, the little things that happen during the work day which used to feel so important don't seem to matter as much.  And when I come home to my baby girl's smile, anything stressful which happened at work just goes away. My work ethic still matters, of course, but some of the minor details of the work day don't seem as important because there is so much more!  My desire to be a successful business woman hasn't diminished, but more importantly, I'm focused on setting a good example for my daughter and I can do that by accomplishing everything in a very balanced way. 

M.O.M Katie ~So, what else can we expect for the newly crowned M.O.Mpreneur?  We saw scrapbooking line? Where will we be able to find it?

M.O.M Nancy ~ Yes, I'm coming out with a scrapbooking line in October and I would not be more excited!!! My line is with the wonderful company, Creative Memories.  I'm a fourth generation scrapbooker/album keeper! My grandfather made scrapbooks for my grandmother, my grandmother made scrapbooks for my mom and my mom made scrapbooks for me! I was even passed down a love letter my great grandfather wrote to my great grandmother when they were "courting" in 1894! His name was Ashby, as was my grandfather's(where my baby girl got her name ), so I can't wait to pass it down to her. The albums my mom created always made me feel like I was so important and so special to my mom since she was documenting my life. Experts say that scrapbooking in so important in fostering self-esteem and confidence in a child, plus you can use the albums to teach children their family history and certain life lessons. I want to instill the tradition of scrapbooking in my own kids.  I started making scrapbooks for Ashby when I was pregnant. I have 8 pregnancy scrapbooks! I even took pictures with all the celebrities I interviewed when I was pregnant so Ashby would have a record of the famous people she met when she was in my belly. And one of the first things I did for my stepsons when they entered my life was to take the box of photos and papers my husband had saved of them and made albums. It immediately made my boys know I loved them and was interested in who they are as individuals. I hope all three of my kids enjoy the albums as much as I enjoyed making them! With my new scrapbooking line through Creative Memories out in October, I am making scrapbooking easy and simple for busy moms. There will be all-in-one kits so all you have to do is have a few minutes here and there to lay in the pictures and the rest will be done for you!! I'm also coming out with my second book, FULL OF LOVE, at the same time which explains why album making is so important for kids and I give easy, simple ways to do it quickly! 

Thank you so much for your time and feedback. I know all of our M.O.Ms and M.O.Mpreneurs will apply and learn from your experiences so far and will grow with you. 
We are excited to follow your Mompreneur journey and successes.  

Nancy also founded Betty’s Battle which is an organization formed to help fund research necessary to find a cure for ALS. ( 
Other means of catching up and following our M.O.M Nancy:; twitter: @nancyodell and  facebook/nancyodell

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