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When you are a M.O.Mpreneur, you're home is most likely you're company headquarters too!  Well, here at Kt Steppers llc, we are Welcoming Fall!  It is truly one of my most favorite seasons, not only for the great weather, but the colors, the food, and all the festivities that occur in the fall, especially here in the north east.

As M.O.Ms we entertain at our homes daily, prepping your house for the seasons and holidays to come just make's your home/work space so much more enjoyable to be at.

It all starts with the entry-way.  Whether you are approaching a business or home (in this case both), you want to feel welcome from the beginning.  

Now, it's not expensive, because the decor lasts for a few years, just seasonally buy the mums, pumpkins and cornstalks.  If you preserve and store the rest, the items are a great investment.  Now, doesn't this make you want to come in and play or buy some amazing steppers?

Speaking of steppers, let's head inside and check out where we can find our steppers being used as decor and of course in the practical sense of using a step stool (we do make seasonal designs and they make a great hostess or house warming gift).

First, we would love to invite you over, so take the time to properly invite your guests on over, especially for the celebrated Thanksgiving meal.  

Our friends at Chickadee Prints not only offer amazing stock cards, invites, and labels, but will customize your style/design for just about any occasion you are entertaining for to help match and coordinate.

I like to use the invite to match my meal theme and continue it throughout the house and season we are decorating for.  

This year, apples and pumpkins are on the menu!  I made this amazing turkey with apple butter one year and cant stop thinking about it.  Living by so many farms, everything is and will be so fresh this year too.

I recently had a pumpkin muffin (yes a first) and decided it was yummy, so I want to use pumpkin more for this year's Thanksgiving meal as well.  So here is my menu and am already salivating for this most indulging day to come.

In the meantime, one Fall  Family Favorite (easy) Meal and can be prepped mid-day(naptime) is our Chicken Pot Pie that we posted a recipe for.  It will surely be a hit this season, so check that out and get cooking!

There are so many uses for apples and pumpkins this season when baking, but we can fake it too and the little one's love to help with that. 

Our daily ritual has been lighting the yummy candle and my 3 year old get's to blow it out, with a little 'step' up of course & help.  Ahh, the smell of a fall candle starts my day off.. really (I'm not a coffee person, so this it)!

We also like to plug in the Jack 'O' Lantern once a day as well, especially after dinner and turn off the lights to watch it glow!   

There are little, cost effective ways to change up a room or table for the seasons. We've dressed up our coffee table with an apple wreath to go around the candle that is usually there all year round. 

I use items and things I've been given (housewarming gifts, etc..) over the years.  So, if you decorate the house one year, as I mentioned above, store and save and it will be an investment for many more years (or throw a party and you will get some great hostess gifts.. just kidding).   

Now for the main FALL EVENT... Thanksgiving and it's table!!  Go grab that Stepper hit the pantry, hutch, and cabinets for the ingredients,table serving pieces and settings and set the table.

I love using place cards and if you have the same people and family members join you every year, the place cards are re-usable!   I think the pumpkin holders I have were from Michael's or AC Moore Craft stores... end of season or on sale.  They usually have them for every holiday/season imaginable.  

We will post a completed Thanksgiving meal and table setting once the infamous day has arrived, but here is a glimpse at how we, at Kt Steppers HQ Welcome Fall into our home/work space!

Happy Fall  Entertaining and Decorating!  It really does make a difference at home and for a good work environment.  Comment and send us your favorite style, entertaining and decorating ideas and/or sites.

Next Week, stay tuned for 'Halloween Fun' entertaining with mentions of a few of my friends that will help!

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