Halloween Fun With Help From Our M.O.Ms

It's that time of year when the 'holiday parties' start and we kicked the season off with a some Halloween Fun!  

As a M.O.M, managing my day with my kids and work can be hectic, but on days like this, we really know how to have some fun!  Take a break and re-live being a kid by throwing a Halloween inspired playdate for everyone to enjoy.

We jumped in this year with plenty of help from our favorite M.O.Mprenuers. Here is a look at our Halloween Fun day.

We reached out to our friends over at Chickadee Prints to coordinate a simple invite for a casual Halloween Playdate.  They had so many options and cute designs, it was easy to find the perfect match for our day.

We also were able to display our 'Happy Halloween' message right on our snack table with the help from our (Kt Steppers') ChalkTop Stepper.  The fun, practical stepper is kid friendly, offering a fully functioning chalk top for every kid to design their own stepper for any room and occasion.  They come in all colors, but matching it up with orange for the holiday only made sense. 

Below you will see our fruit display as well.  We attempted to make our own 'candy corn' fruit skewers using pineapple, cantalope, and apple triangles.  The Kids could use short lollipop sticks and make their own 'candy corn'.  Simple, fun and healthy too!

 More snacks to enjoy were our veggies.  We placed some dip in a smaller pumpkin, picked from the farm and kept our veggies in some Halloween cookie cutter shapes.  We also had some other fun snacks, like our mummy dogs!  Yes, our pigs-n-blankets were 'mummified'.  Pillsbury makes dough sheets now, so we just cut strips and wrapped around the hotdogs.  Easy, kid friendly and yummy!

Now, some M.O.Ms do not want to keep dressing up their kids in their Halloween Costume until the BIG day.  So, as most of us with kids, dress up is inevitable and loads of fun.  

As you will see my little one cant get enough of being a superhero, so for this playdate, he was just that and trying to sneak some treats before sharing with the rest of the kiddos.

Our super hero cape & mask are direct from Cutie Pa Tutus.  From the name you can imagine that they also can help play dress up for your little princess too.  
Check out their tutu's and your little one will be living a fairy tale everyday!

I think I mentioned treats.. yes we also had some treats. 

Enjoy your kids and enjoy the holiday!  Remember to check out some great M.O.M companies, we're ready to inspire and help with any occasion.

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