Celeb M.O.M Lisa Rinna ~ Be Inspired

Whether you were a soap fan, daytime or primetime, from her role on Days of Our Lives to Melrose Place, Lisa Rinna was probably in your family room at some point and can be seen there again with her new hit Reality Show on TV Land, Harry Loves Lisa.

Lisa is an Actress, Model, Bussiness Owner, Author, 'Dancer', and now Reality Star but her most important role(s) is wife and Mom to her two daughters.

I can honestly say, I think Lisa might have the title 'Extraordinaire' after her name because she never ceases to fail at what she has set out to conquer.

A M.O.M in deed, so let's get inspired by our chat with Lisa Rinna the ''Extraordinaire'!

Meet Our M.O.M Lisa Rinna

M.O.M Katie ~ Thanks so much for chatting with us and inspiring our M.O.M Community. You really manage to do it all and make it look so easy! How do you juggle being mom, a wife and having a career? Is it easier now that your girls are a little older to do the juggling or harder at the ages they are?

M.O.M Lisa~ I think its always challenging whatever the age of our children because I always want to be present and available and sometimes that is really hard being a working mom!

M.O.M Katie ~ So, you seem to have a knack for writing. You have a new book out, Starlit, what was it like writing this book compared to Rinnavation?

M.O.M Lisa ~ Writing Starlit was a wild fun Romp. Rinnavation was much more about my beliefs and about reinventing yourself.

M.O.M Katie ~ Most of our M.O.Ms are Mompreneurs and Business Woman. You are a successful business owner with Belle Gray, what advice would you give to our M.O.Ms about running a business? Is there something you wish someone would have told you in the early years of opening your store(s)?

M.O.M Lisa ~ It is fun,hard and creative and a lot of work running a business but it comes from so much love and hard work and we are so proud of our store belle gray. I wish I had known how much to buy in the beginning I so over bought so many clothes!!

M.O.M Katie~ Congratulations on TV Land’s Harry Loves Lisa! As a Twitter & Facebook Friend/follower, I love your spunk, family dedication, and desire to be a role model(which you are succeeding at). We are falling in love with you on TV Land as well. Tell us a little more about why you chose to do the ‘reality show’. What do you want viewers to know?

M.O.M Lisa ~ first of all Thank you so much for such kind words!

Harry and I wanted to make a show that was fun and inspiring and made you feel good and we wanted to work together and be able to spend more time together as a family and that is exactly what we got to do. We Loved filming our reality show and we hope it makes you laugh and maybe even shed a tear!
We want you to see the truth and the craziness that is our wonderfully Blessed Life!

Thank you so much for chatting with us. You are truly a M.O.M!  You have been a great role model for women, moms, wives and mompreneurs.  Thanks for sharing your inspiring attitude toward life with our M.O.M community.

You can follow our M.O.M Lisa Rinna on twitter: @lisarinna , on Facebook: Lisa Rinna , on her site: http://www.lisarinna.com/ and more importantly watch Harry Loves Lisa on TV Land Wed. 10pm/est!

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