Celeb M.O.Mpreneur Team ~ Tiffani Thiessen & Lonni Paul

Actress Tiffani Thiessen & Celebrity Designer Lonni Paul of HGTV “Design Star” Team Up to Inject Style & Sophistication into Design for Younger Generation

The collection was created by Tiffani Thiessen currently starring in the hit USA Network series "White Collar" and celebrity designer Lonni Paul of HGTV's "Design Star," two design savvy Hollywood moms and now Mompreneurs!

 The collection is a collaboration between Tiffani Thiessen and award-winning designer Lonni Paul, known to millions as the reigning female finalist from HGTV's "Design Star" where she was chosen from over 10,000 designers. Selected for the Fendi Casa Designer of the Year Series, Lonni has designed luxury residences in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Provence, Aspen and the Hamptons.

The ladies met on national television when Lonni designed a guest room in Tiffani's home on HGTV and they have gone on to successfully collaborate on a number of design projects. While working together to create a nursery for Tiffani's daughter, Harper, they decided to launch a high-style infant and children's line with an entirely fresh perspective. The PetitNest collection features cribs, dressers, gliders, children's chairs, wall art, bedding and a children's rocker.

The amazing collection can be seen on http://www.petitnest.com/

We we honored to chat with new M.O.M Tiffani and M.O.M Lonni and learn more about their venture together and of course being M.O.Ms.

Let's meet our M.O.Mpreneur Team:

Congratulations on so much! Tiffani,welcome to Motherhood and we welcome both of you as M.O.Mpreneurs! I'm sure you were always M.O.Ms (masters of multitasking) because you both were always doing a million things but along with the biggest job of all, being Moms, you've launched an amazing new company, PetitNest.

M.O.M Katie ~ So Tiffani, tell us, have you learned to juggle? Ha! How is it as a first-time Mom managing work (White Collar), marriage, social life,entrepreneurship, and sleep? Do you sleep much these days? Do you have a daily routine figured out?

M.O.M Tiffani ~ No No and No. lol. Juggling is definitely the word...or actually balancing could work as well. I'm overwhelmed but for all the right reasons. I couldn't be happier with my life right now. I have an amazing healthy happy little girl, a wonderful supportive husband, an amazing family, the best job in the world and starting a new business that I couldn't be more excited and passionate about. So life is goooooood!

M.O.M Katie ~ Most M.O.Mpreneurs realize their entrepreneurship while pregnant or after they have kids. Was design always a passion for you? Did being pregnant with Harper jump start the dream of starting your own business, PetitNest?

M.O.M Tiffani ~ It definitely started the fire for sure. Between "nesting" while pregnant and working with Lonni...it all came together. Design has always been a side passion of mine so when I started working with Lonni it just seem to make sense for us to start this company.

Luc Glider

M.O.M Katie ~ The PetitNest Collection is amazing! What was the hardest part about starting the line/company? Will there be seasonal lines or all year round with adding new pieces and lines here and there? What is your favorite piece so far? I love the gliders, myself.

M.O.M Tiffani ~ I don't think there has been just one hard part. Starting any business from the ground up is hard. Then add our other jobs, kids, husbands in the mix and you've got difficult! Lol. But it has been fun. Lonni and I have been laughing through the whole process as well. It's what keeps us sane.

As for the line, we haven't really decided on whether or not we'll do seasonal collections or just update when we have new things to add. But the way our creative minds are going these days we could be adding things all the time.

It's hard to pick a favorite. I love the gliders because they are so comfortable and if you choose the sunbrella technolog, you can bleach it. It's an amazing feature. But then I do love our cribs and dressers. I think the designs are like nothing that's been seen before...so to me they are very special.

M.O.M Lonni ~ Thank you! We're very happy with how it turned out! The hardest thing about starting a new company is the overwhelming time it takes. So many hours involved with making sure safety regulations are met or exceeded and monitoring quality control. But it was all worth it!

Right now we're working on the next phase of our line which will be conversion kits for the cribs and other pieces like twin beds and armoires. My favorite pieces are the dressers because they are so versatile and can be used anywhere in the home. I also love the gliders because they are designed to be comfortable for a parent holding or reading to one or two kids! (so important to me as a mother of twins!) And I love that, like Tiffani said, they are easily cleaned so they will last for years

M.O.M Katie ~ Recently you showcased at the ABC Kids Expo. How was that experience? Most small companies go back and forth about attending, would you recommend that show as a great way to launch your product/company? Will you be heading to Louisville next year?

M.O.M Tiffani ~ It was a big undertaking..even moreso for my partner Lonni. I have to give her credit. I was in NY shooting and then having a brand new infant. She took on most of the ABC show and boy, was it a lot! We thought it was an amazing way to showcase our company....so I would recommend it for sure.

M.O.M Lonni ~ It was fantastic! We planned our launch for the show and worked very hard to make it happen in time. Our line was so well received and we met wonderful retailers who are now carrying our line so I would most definitely recommend the ABC Expo as a great way to launch your company. We haven't had time to even think about louisville!!! But we'll probably be there!

Thank you so much for inspiring us M.O.Ms and our NOW mutual M.O.Mpreneur community. We look forward to following your success as Moms and Entrepreneurs with PetitNest.

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Most importantly, visit PetitNest : http://www.petitnest.com/ and follow on twitter: @petitnest

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  1. SO humble, and so real!! Their new lines are beautiful!! Great interview Katie!!