Make It A Picture Perfect Holiday Season With A Little Guidance Fom Sweet Pea Pictures

Say Cheese!!

In your crazy, busy, fun, exciting life as a M.O.M, capturing ‘that moment’ in life is an important one that you don’t want to miss or forget. Pictures are a very good way of capturing "THAT MOMENT" and memory. With a single snap & click such special moments can be captured and cherished till the end of the time.

Every picture tells a story of that moment in time. The Holidays are those special story-telling moments, so whether you capture these times yourself or have a professional step in, make sure there is a camera ready.

Not all of us have that ‘picture perfect’ eye, so to help you through the holidays, I’ve asked Amy from Sweet Pea Pictures to share with us some tips for capturing ‘that moment’ during this holiday season.

A certifiable M.O.M herself, Amy Dion is a mom of two little girls and is the founder of her successful mom-owned Photography Business, Sweet Pea Pictures.

Amy started taking pictures at a young age and with a photo-buff for a Dad, the skills just rubbed off. With a career in graphic design and parenthood, capturing the memories of her two little ones just made sense in turning her passion into a career to help other families cherish some of the same moments in time.

Sweet Pea Pictures photography services are available in Southern NJ, Philadelphia area and Delaware. If you are on Facebook, become their fan and receive special offers and discounts as well.

Let’s Chat with Amy and make this Holiday Season a memorable one!

M.OM Katie ~ Ok, the infamous Holiday Photo Card! If we can’t make it to a session with Sweet Pea Pictures, what makes the best shot for a holiday card? With uncooperative kids, any tricks to get them to ‘say cheese’?

M.O.M Amy ~ I think what you need more than anything is patience and a little bit of planning. First, plan on shooting the photos at your kids best time of the day. Trying to get good photos when kids are cranky, overtired, hungry or all of the above is bound to turn out badly. Second, think about what is in the background. A simple background works well, but things like toys or a TV behind your little ones can be distracting. Try to keep an open mind. Photos that are "happy accidents" can turn out to be the most attractive. Finally, don't underestimate the power of a bribe, it works almost every time.

M.O.M Katie ~ Holidays are all about the kids, how do we capture the moments, surprises and memories without making it a ‘calculated photo shoot’?

M.O.M Amy ~ I just try to capture the chaos. Imagine what your kids will be doing and plan on getting involved, you want it to look like you're a part of their world. Don't forget to get down to their level, photos of the tops of their heads are never that interesting.

M.O.M Katie ~ Outside of the Holidays, what milestones are best for scheduling photo sessions?

M.O.M Amy ~ For the babies, I recommend every three months. They change so quickly and you don't want to miss it. For the rest of the family, I recommend once a year. People seem to be so busy, when the kids are grown you'll cherish having the memories of them every year. It's funny, when I talk about my oldest daughter in her first few months I remember the colic and fussiness but when I look at her photos during that time, all I see is a beautiful little baby. At each stage, you look back at your pictures and you only remember the good stuff. I imagine that's true even until they are teenagers... well, maybe not teenagers.

M.O.M Katie ~ Obviously taking pictures mean a lot to you. Can you share why a picture can be so amazing and important for new moms, parents, grandparents, couples, etc…

M.O.M Amy ~ Everything in life moves so fast and I don't want to miss a minute of it. For me, pictures are the best way to stop time. Sometimes it takes a photo to make me stop and appreciate my family in a way I can't when I'm chasing them down and trying to keep up with the pace of things. And when I do get that shot, why not share it?

Thank you Amy for your insight and guidance.  I know this Holiday Season & beyond will be picture perfect and we will have memories to treasure!

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