Celeb M.O.M ~ Alison Sweeney Focuses On Being Mom With The Mommy Diet

It's safe to say, Alison Sweeney is a household name. Alison, aka Sami (Brady), came into 'The Days Of Our Lives' in 1993 and has remained as a staple in our lives as host for NBC’s hit reality series The Biggest Loser. 

Alison is a true Master of Multitasking (m.o.m). Mastering life as mom, wife, actress, author, host and more. 

While Ali is busy taking care of her family and juggling a number of jobs she also makes time to give back to the community by serving on the Entertainment Council for Feeding America and annually co-hosting the Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon.

A true M.O.M icon, Ali is an inspiration and proves to all of us M.O.Ms that we can manage it all and focus on our life as Mom too, especially with her new book The Mommy Diet.

Let’s Meet our M.O.M Alison Sweeney

M.O.M Katie ~ All I have to say is WOW. You never cease to amaze me or most M.O.Ms for that fact. You truly are one of the hardest working M.O.Ms in Hollywood. As we all can attest, being a mom, business woman, wife, friend, etc. can be exhausting. What is your secret for keeping up your energy and pushing yourself to achieve your goals (at anything)?

M.O.M Ali ~Actually, you know, the working out and the eating right totally help keep my energy up too! It is exhausting, and when Megan has trouble like she did last night, I really rely on my healthy routine to help me stay not just awake, but focused and upbeat and ready for anything!

M.O.M Katie ~ Most of us, after having a baby, struggle with going back to work, staying home or doing both. Did you ever second guess being a working mom? What advice would you give our community of moms who might have that ‘Mommy Guilt’ struggle?

M.O.M Ali ~Of course I second guess it all the time! It's a terrible feeling, when someone else tells you about a milestone, or (again) like last night - Megan isn't feeling well, and so I was trying to help her sleep most of the night. It was rough. But it's heartbreaking to have to leave to go to work, knowing she isn't feeling well. And to be honest, I don't think it's just a 'stage'. For me, I still feel the pangs every so often. But ultimately, I am doing the best I can. And the way I get through it all, is, when I'm at work, or the gym... I feel as though the best way I can honor my kids for the time I am away from them, is by focusing on my job and giving it my complete attention. Regrets or self-doubts that distract me from doing a good job, doesn't make me a better mom, just a worse employee.

But the reverse is true too - when I'm with my kids, I put the blackberry down, (except to take pictures!) and focus on our family time together. I don't want my son to look up from sharing something with me, or telling me a story and see that I'm distracted, looking at an email.

M.O.M Katie ~ We are so excited for your new book, The Mommy Diet! This is the month of it’s launch. Tell us why you decided to write a book and a little background on what the book is about.

M.O.M Ali ~ The book is about staying healthy through pregnancy and getting back in shape afterwards. The focus is on nutrition and fitness plans, but at the same time, I also wanted to pay attention to advice to make you feel good emotionally, mentally too - like good fashion, beauty tips! I am so lucky to be surrounded by experts in all these fields because of my job. So I thought it would be great to share those tips with all those moms out there with these questions.

So many books focus on how to take care of your child, which obviously is so important, but I didn't see one book focused on the mom - how to get yourself back!

M.O.M Katie ~ So, we have Actress, TV Host(s), Charity Ambassador, Author, of course wife and mommy! Have you accomplished all you ever dreamed of becoming? or is there something else in the future we may see you succeed at or ‘dabble’ in?

M.O.M Ali ~ There is so much more out there! I love challenging myself, trying new things. I'm working on developing projects now... it's a lot of fun, and I love keeping those artistic, creative juices flowing.

Well, we all cannot wait to see what more the future holds for our Celeb M.O.M Alison Sweeney.  To follow Ali and travel along with her as a certifiable M.O.M go here:

Twitter: @ali_sweeney  Facebook: Alison Sweeney  Website: http://www.alisonsweeney.com/  

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