m.o.mLiving: ENTERTAINING ~ M.O.Ms Can Add 'Pizzazz' To Their Entertaining Too

Every M.O.M dreams up the ultimate ‘first’ birthday party for their little one, the ‘first’ holiday celebration as a married couple, the ‘first’ playdate, and so on…  but, Not every M.O.M knows where to begin or pull inspiration from though & do it with style.

Let's introduce you to PIZZAZZERIE.com, your guide to entertaining in style! Amazing party features, recipes, DIY ideas, and more all in one spot. Every m.o.m likes  (&needs) a one-stop shop when it comes to entertaining and with the help of Courtney & her team at PIZZAZZERIE.com we get just what the site declares, Your Guide To Entertaining in STYLE!

Meet the Woman behind all the ‘pizzazz’ that is put into Entertaining, Courtney Dial

With a love of entertaining and design, Courtney Dial is quickly becoming a well-known stylist in the field of party design and décor. Growing up in the South, she attended Vanderbilt University earning both a bachelors in Communications and masters in Organizational Leadership. Since March 2010, she has grown Pizzazzerie.com into a go-to source for all things entertaining, with over 100,000 visits a month and numerous press mentions both in print and on the web. Regularly appearing on Nashville news broadcasts, Courtney has also been published in several print publications including Nashville Lifestyles Magazine. In addition to designing everything from children’s birthday celebrations to chic dinner parties, she is also a writer for several online food and lifestyle publications.

Now that we know a little about Courtney, we decided to chat with her to guide us m.o.ms into entertaining with ease!

M.O.M Katie ~  Thanks for guiding us m.o.ms toward entertaining with style.  Your vision and ‘eye’ for throwing a party together seems so natural and easy.  For the not-so-talented party-planners, what is the first thing you suggest they do when planning a party by themselves?

Courtney ~The first thing I suggest when planning a party is deciding on the style or theme! If it's a baby shower, what does the Mom-to-be love? Is it a certain color or childhood story? Build the shower around her favorites! Making a party unique and personal really adds a special touch. Even if you don't want a theme per se, having 2 or 3 colors can help guide the planning process and make it smooth and fabulous!

M.O.M Katie ~ Do you have a favorite style or event you enjoy planning the most?
Courtney ~ Great question! I would say I love styling dinner parties. But then I like baby showers and children's parties, oh goodness, I don't think I have a favorite :) 
M.O.M Katie ~ On a budget, what is the best way to make a tablescape that encompasses style and let’s you ‘show off’ a bit for your guests?
Courtney ~ Visit your dollar store! You would be amazed at the number of neat party elements that you can jazz up from a trip to the dollar store. Grab cheap vases and adorn them with ribbon and printed gift tags for sweet favors that also serve as table decor! Invest in a few glass cake stands and you'll use them for all types of events. They're not just for cake! Set your vases or other table decor atop the stands to add height and visual interest. And as I mentioned before, when on a budget, find fabulous printables and diy ideas on the web! You can find some neat ideas on pizzazzerie.com and other design focused blogs! Your printer and scissors will be your best friend :)
M.O.M Katie ~ Ok, so it’s the holidays and we are gearing up for New Years Eve.  Any tips you can give the parents out there that are hosting the ‘eve’ and will have both adults & kids to celebrate? Making it festive, stylish but also kid-friendly – do we need two different tables?
Courtney ~ New Years Eve is all about glam and sparkle! Grab some neat craft letters from the craft store in "NYE" or "cheers" and decorate them with a bit of spray paint and glitter. Make your own "poppers" with toilet paper rolls and fun gift wrap! You can see these ideas in action in this feature of my NYE styled shoot on Hostess with the Mostess! And having a kid's table is a great idea. Give them a fun place to enjoy the late night with fun movies and sparkling grape juice! I recently collaborated with a group of party bloggers on a kids' NYE design. You can see a few of the images here
Thanks SO much Courtney & PIZZAZZERIE.com for continuing to inspire us m.o.ms to Entertain with Style!

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