Hobby vs. Business

Is it a Hobby or a Viable Business?

As a woman entrepreneur and a ‘stay at home mom’, many people associate your ‘woman/mom-owned’ business as a hobby! They also confuse the idea of manufacturing/making a product to it ‘being a hobby’ for us as well.

So, let’s educate:

Hobby by definition is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time. Some types of hobbies can be Collecting, Playing Games, Outdoor Recreation, Performing Arts, Crafting, Scale modeling/dioramas, Cooking, Gardening, Fishing, Writing, and Reading. Don’t get me wrong some hobbies can eventually turn into other ventures, but typically as defined, a hobby is something done for pleasure or relaxation during LEISURE time.

Let’s talk business:

Entrepreneur (who also happens to be a mom) is a female business owner successfully balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. Most ‘Mom Entrepreneurs’ are also manufacturing their products, making them ‘mom-made’. Now, manufacturing by definition is the act of producing (or making) goods for use or sale.

I don’t see anywhere that entrepreneurship involves relaxation or where leisure time exists. In fact, I believe as an entrepreneur we tend to ‘give up ‘these things (by choice) to build a viable business.

Like I mentioned above, yes, you can turn your hobby into a business, but it’s not one in the same. I came across a great perspective on Startupnation.com. Here is an article Turn Your Hobby into a Business".

They have one last thought: Make sure you don't ruin something that brings you enjoyment by making a business out of that particular thing. Hobbies evolve from passions, but a company requires work and responsibility. Before mixing the two, be certain you've planned it out so the fun doesn't get lost!" 

If you go the route of turning Your Hobby into a Business, also read up on some home-based business myths before you just jump on in (courtesy of http://www.womanentrepreneur.com/).

Four Home-Based Business Myths

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