Celebrity M.O.Ms ~ 2010 Holiday Edition

Come spend the Holidays with us.... Celebrity Style!  We connected with some inspiring Celebrity M.O.Ms (masters of multitasking) to see how they wrap up the holidays with their families!

M.O.M Ali Landry
As a M.O.M, what is your advice for making the Holiday's fun and not anxiety ridden?

As a M.O.M., my advice for making the Holiday's fun and not anxiety ridden would be to plan ahead and get things done early. There is usually a lull right after Thanksgiving. That is when I put up my tree and start buying gifts. By getting all of these things done early I can really take in the true meaning surrounding the Holidays and enjoy my family without having to be rushing around last minute, dealing with all of the Holiday crowds. -Ali Landry

M.O.M Jenna Elfman
As a M.O.M, what is your favorite part of the Holiday Season?

My favorite part of the Holiday Season is putting together my annual photo books that I make for all my family. Going through all of the photos as I put the book together, brings back all the wonderful memories and special moments of the past year with my husband and the boys. Then on Christmas morning, getting to sit back and watch the happy faces of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins as they go through the photo books and seeing them be able to share in all the experiences and fun stories is definitely my favorite part of the Holiday Season.  ~Jenna Elfman

M.O.M Debi Mazar
  As a M.O.M, what is your advice for making the Holiday's fun and not anxiety ridden?

Plan in advance..run to Flea Market to find original gifts..OR figure out one thing to either cook or make for all your friends(we made Limoncello)

Remember,it isnt about excess..its about family,friends ,love& if you only give or get one thing..ITS FINE!!!Good lesson for kids as well..Its not a 'Big Gulp' holiday.Pressure-You didnt get XMAS cards out?SO WHAT!!!send an email,or better yet,pick up the phone,and let someone actually hear your voice!

As a M.O.M, what is one thing you couldn't do without this Holiday Season?
Alcohol..kidding,CHRISTMAS LIGHTS..I put them up a week before Thanksgiving.I want my home to really fun and happy this season!

As a M.O.M. what is your favorite part of the Holiday Season?

Cooking for guest s& Eating!!! Also seeing my children,plan their gifts for their friends which they make (cards,art)Their spirit is so genuine&beautiful.I love the night before xmas.We read "the night before xmas.." before we go to bed,all together,and we leave Santa cookies& a glass of milk,carrots for the reindeers by the fire place..My older daughter said"Mom..why does Santa have the same hand writing as you!!??" I love keeping the myth alive!!And ALSO,i love wearing Red for my hubby:)Its important to give back:) ~ Deb Mazar

 M.O.M Nancy O'Dell
 As a M.O.M, what is your advice for making the Holiday's fun and not anxiety ridden?

We all know that one of the most stressful parts of the Holiday is finding a gift for everyone on your list! So why not give an easy and simple gift that I guarantee everyone will love and you will love making...a photo album or scrapbook. I have made it a family tradition to give albums every year. Last year, my husband took old pictures of his brother back when he had a mullet hairdo and had them printed up for the entire family. What a blast we all had laughing! I have also made a family recipe album of the cooks' recipes in their own handwriting and then photos next to it of us all enjoying it at the dining table. I have made albums of the family Christmas get-together and then give them as Holiday gifts to everyone the next year. If you want to give the same album to multiple family members, you can do it digitally and it is a snap to reproduce. Or you can even make a traditional album of 10 pages in 10 minutes...quick and easy was the whole purpose behind my Hummingbird line of album products. I'm a fourth generation album-maker and in my book FULL OF LOVE, I explain just how important albums are to families and children! Trust me, I know! I promise you it will be the most meaningful and favorite gift to everyone and it is easy to do and thus, it takes away the anxiety from having to find all the gifts. Looking through all the photos from the year before is one of my favorite Holiday traditions! Those albums have become a huge part of our Holiday Season and always make for great talk, laughs and fond memories so they are something my family and I couldn't do without. For examples of what I am talking about, go to http://www.creativememories.com/. ~ Nancy O'Dell

     M.O.M Trista Sutter
As a M.O.M, what is one thing you couldn't do without this Holiday Season? 

Our Christmas tradition of a cookie decorating contest!!! We try to include our whole family, even if they aren't with us in Colorado, so we all plan a date and time and skype our favorites. Max even joined in last year and I'm positive Blakesley will want to get in on the fun this year! ~ Trista Sutter

M.O.Ms Tiffani Thiessen & Lonni Paul
As a new M.O.M, will you start a family tradition to carry on year after year? How will you spend your first Family Holiday?

This year we are splitting the holiday between home and Texas with my in-laws. So it will be fun to actually have two Christmas celebrations. As for tradition...we're not sure yet, but I do know my husband is going to have to buy a santa suit soon! ~ Tiffani Thiessen
As a M.O.M. what is your favorite part of the Holiday Season?

As a mom my favorite part of the holiday season is, well I have two favorite parts! Christmas Eve AND Christmas morning! On Christmas Eve we have an amazing dinner with everyone joining in helping in the kitchen and during dinner we each take a turn to talk about what Christmas means to us---even my 4 year old twins! Afterwards we all gather around the tree and drink hot chocolate and everyone gets to pick one gift to open. Of course the little ones always ask for another but we keep it at one. After the twins are in bed we start setting out all the "Santa" gifts and filling the stockings. We have a rule that the kids have to wake us up before they go in the living room and we run in ahead of them so we can see their faces when they walk in the room. Nothing is more wonderful than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child!  ~ Lonni Paul

M.O.M Candace Cameron Bure
As a M.O.M. what is your favorite part of the Holiday Season?

We have a few traditions in our family for Christmas. Each Christmas Eve by the fireplace, we set out milk, cookies & carrots for Santa and his reindeer. The kids each write a note and leave the pen so he can write back.

First thing Christmas morning before any presents are opened, the bible is passed to each of us as we read Luke Chapter 2; the story of Christ's birth. We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and prayerfully give thanks. Then, as the Christmas tunes play, the kids divi up all the presents from under the tree and we take turns opening them, rotating so each of us can see what the other has received. It's the most sanity I can impart on Christmas morning. It allows the morning to be much more peaceful and lasting, instead of letting all 3 kids rip open the gifts simultaneously Been there, done that. Chaos! ~ Candace Cameron Bure

M.O.M Alison Sweeney
As a M.O.M. what is your favorite part of the Holiday Season?

My favorite part of the holiday season is sharing the wonder and awe of each part of the holiday with my kids. Whether it's seeing the joy on Megan's face as she sees a beautiful Christmas Tree or hearing Ben singing Here Comes Santa Claus, it is all so spectacular through their eyes. ~ Ali Sweeney

Many Wishes For A Happy & Healthy Holiday Season! 

**all photos are the courtesy of our Celebrity M.O.Ms and are not to be copied or used without permission**


  1. This was a fun post! I loved seeing everyone's traditions! Candace's are my favorite - reading the Bible and singing happy Birthday to Jesus. I love that!


  2. yes, Candace is oh so inspiring. We will sharing her solo feature soon as well!

  3. Megan have her mommy's eyes.

    Love the Sanov family picture