Mommy's Time Out ( Share Some Much Needed 'Time Out' Activities For The Holiday Season

Allyson and Alice, two M.O.M.s and owners of Mommy’s Time Out in Sewell, NJ, are the experts at keeping kids busy. Mommy’s Time Out specializes in drop-off child care that is way more than just baby-sitting. The team plans exciting activities for their charges everyday that include music, art, gross motor, and role playing.

Here are three great activities to enjoy with your kids, giving you all a much needed pause in a time of hustle and bustle.

And if you need a real break, drop your kids off at Mommy’s Time Out for 3 hours of play and activities. For more info on Mommy’s Time Out, visit their website at

Jingle Bell Rock!

Cut elastic cord long enough to fit your child’s wrist plus a few inches for tying. String 3 or 4 jingle bells (available at Michael’s or any craft store) onto the elastic and tie. Slip on wrist or ankle, turn up the music and dance. Add a game of freeze dance to the mix, by pausing the music and freezing in your dance moves.

Tape City

Use masking tape to create an indoor roadway for toy cars and other wheeled toys. Younger children may just enjoy a simple roadway and older children may like to add buildings (using blocks, dollhouses, etc) or people (dolls, stuffed animals). Before taping floor or carpet, test tape on a small area to make sure it’s easily removed. Do not leave on for more than a day, this could make it gummy/difficult to remove.

Christmas Bag

Get a little crafty and get some gift wrapping finished, too. Grab some plain paper bags, glue, plus some wrapping paper scraps, stickers, ribbon, pictures or old holiday cards. Have your children design gift bags with all the decorations--use the bags for wrapping presents.

Thanks So Much!  These are great ways to enjoy the chaos of 'mommyhood' and take a much needed 'time out' during this season!

If you are in the south NJ area, remember to check out Mommy's Time Out all your child care needs, what a great alternative to babysitting!

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